Low Blow, Zayn: Former 1D Star Takes A Shot At Ex Perrie Edwards' Music

by Taylor Ortega

Ugh, Zayn, what happened to NOT being a dick?

Zayn Malik, who doesn't need his ex-band, One Direction, or his ex-fiancée, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, is wavering in his strong solitude with a series of weird tweets undoubtedly aimed at Edwards.

The singer's first mistake was perusing a Twitter account called Shady Music Facts, since as we all know, shade breeds shade.

He recently retweeted the following post, confirming he is crazy for Fifth Harmony, and Little Mix can kiss his behind (once he removes his own head from it).

Malik is not one to fire shots, but today, he tweeted the following mystery dumpling.

While there is a chance the solo artist's latest jab is referencing something other than Edwards (his natural hair color or maybe a hidden talent for horse ranching), it would be quite the abrupt change of pace.

Zayn may be British, but he sure enjoys carrying on the modern American tradition of publicly airing his grievances like an angry teenager.

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