Zayn Malik Posts A Cryptic Tweet That Might Be About His Ex-Fiancée

I have to say, Zayn is kind of a dick.

On Tuesday, Zayn Malik and his now ex-fiancée, Perrie Edwards, officially became two more casualties among a recent tidal wave of celebrity couples splitting up.

Such is life, though. Sometimes, relationships don't work out, and it's better for the young couple to end things now before everything becomes legally binding.

That was a mature decision, and I applaud it.

But, what isn't mature is how Zayn has been a complete d-bag on Twitter since they broke up.

The day after it was announced the couple ended their engagement, Zayn tweeted this lil' nugget, seemingly about Perrie.

You just can't do enough for some people , I guess — zayn (@zaynmalik) August 5, 2015

Really, Zayn? REALLY? Are you a Real Housewife of Atlanta during sweeps week?

For a second, let's just compare his tweet to how Perrie has been taking this whole thing.

Here is an excerpt from a recent interview with her band, Little Mix.

That's the saddest thing I've ever seen.

That is the face of someone who clearly is muttering to herself,

 Just get through this interview, and you can cry on the bus. Just get through this interview, and you can cry on the bus. Just get through this interview, and you can...

That 22-second video should just be called “Perrie Edwards does her best impression of a divorcée at brunch who is trying to be happy for a recently engaged friend.”

Now, let's look at everything Zayn tweeted since they broke up.

pic.twitter.com/OZS9e4QxJT — zayn (@zaynmalik) August 5, 2015
High for this ... Weekend tune on a Tuesday ha — zayn (@zaynmalik) August 5, 2015
Musictime — zayn (@zaynmalik) August 5, 2015
Gonna get this done for you !! I promise this album will be amazing .. — zayn (@zaynmalik) August 5, 2015
Got something exciting coming soon :)! — zayn (@zaynmalik) August 5, 2015
Oops .. :O — zayn (@zaynmalik) August 5, 2015
Haha — zayn (@zaynmalik) August 5, 2015
pic.twitter.com/qiYZ5Wi1gv — zayn (@zaynmalik) August 6, 2015
LA chillin .. ✌️ — zayn (@zaynmalik) August 6, 2015

Not only does he seem unaffected by the split, but you can argue he went out of his way to make sure everyone knows he is doing completely fine without her.

All these could be summed up by having Zayn simply tweet,

Perrie, who?

To recap, Perrie looks like she's holding back a tear the size of Lake Ontario.

And Zayn is having the time of his goddamn life.

Haha — zayn (@zaynmalik) August 5, 2015

Zayn knows everyone sees what he's tweeting, and he knows the conclusions people are going to draw.

Yet, he continues to tweet, and he's doing it at a crazy rate.

Take a day off Twitter, Zayn, and maybe use that time to reflect on how you're being an awful, garbage human.

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