Zayn Malik Posts Photo With Mystery Blonde And No One Knows Who She Is

Directioners have been through a lot over the past few months.

But for a while, it seemed like the drama surrounding Zayn Malik had died down.

We had (finally) somewhat recovered from the tragedy of him leaving One Direction. We had (finally) come to terms with the catastrophe that was his breakup with Perrie Edwards.

We even (kind of) forgave him for that Twitter beef with Louis. We accepted the fact he might be very serious about a solo career.

We were all gonna be OK.

But over the weekend, he betrayed us again. Zayn posted this picture with some girl who is DEFINITELY not Perrie.

Some fans decided it was actress Gage Golightly, but she confirmed she is not the mystery blonde.

Surprisingly, the Zayn/One Direction/Perrie fandom has yet to find out the identity of this woman. But knowing these fans, we'll probably find out by the end of the day.

Of course, Zayn's well-being was the greatest concern.

 And concern about Perrie was not far behind.

Immediately, the comparisons flooded social media.

But most importantly, Zayn's fans just want him to live...

And we want to know who the heck this girl is.