Zayn And Louis Tomlinson Are In A Twitter Fight And Hearts Are Breaking


It looked like the dust had settled after Zayn Malik's departure from One Direction.

But, now it seems as if tensions are still running high between Zayn and his former bandmates.

Malik and Louis Tomlinson got into it over Twitter today. It's unclear exactly what they're fighting about.

In my opinion, they sound like two little children going at it. But they are pop singers fighting on social media, so what do you expect?

Zayn retweeted this photo of himself and producer Naughty Boy.

Then, Louis tweeted this out for no good reason.

Naughty Boy slung some mud around.

Louis threw some punches.

And Zayn, of course, said his piece.

Naughty Boy refused to let up.

Louis got one more jab in. And that's where we're at now.

A lot of fans are siding with Louis.

Thousands of Zayn's followers are leaving him by the minute.

Now we know where the fans' hearts are really at.