Recipe For Romance
Sydney and Luca seemed to develop a relationship in 'The Bear' Season 3's finale.

The Bear Season 3 Finale Drops A Huge Romantic Cliffhanger

The chemistry is there!


This article contains spoilers for The Bear Season 3. The cast and crew of The Bear have made it explicitly clear that a romance between Carmy and Sydney is off the menu, but Season 3’s finale seemed to turn up the heat between two unexpected chefs. At the “funeral” dinner for Andrea Terry’s restaurant Ever, Sydney finally got to meet Carmy’s old cooking buddy (and Marcus’ pastry mentor) Luca. And although nothing’s happened between them yet, fans quickly saw sparks flying that could not be ignored.

The last dinner at Ever brought together several characters from all over The Bear universe, most notably Luca and Carmy’s abusive executive chef from his time in New York. While Carmy confronting his past trauma didn’t exactly go perfectly, it seemed like Sydney and Luca formed a connection right away. Earlier flashbacks in the season highlighted how Carmy had taken his frustrations out on Luca when they were training as chefs together, in a similar vein to how he’s now unfairly pushing Sydney to her limits in the kitchen. They might not realize they have so much in common, but it led to Sydney and Luca bonding at the star-studded dinner.

There was clearly some chemistry between the two, and with Luca mentioning he’d be sticking around in the U.S. for a while, the groundwork was laid for a potential romance in future seasons.


This possible relationship is yet another ticking time bomb that’s threatening to blow things up between Sydney and Carmy after an unresolved ending to Season 3. The central conflict since opening up The Bear has been Carmy’s tyrannical control over the restaurant, imposing impossible requirements on his staff like daily menu changes and a strict adherence to his list of “non-negotiables.” So, when Sydney got the offer to be head chef at a new restaurant, she put off signing a partnership agreement with Carmy to assess her options.

Unfortunately, Season 3 ended before Sydney could make her final decision, so fans won’t know until next season if she stays at The Bear or sets off on her own. Either way, it definitely seems like she’s found a new sous chef to lean on in Luca.