Lili Reinhart revealed 'Riverdale' will probably end with Season 7.

Lili Reinhart Revealed When She Thinks Riverdale Will End... And It's Soon


The CW

Raise a milkshake to the town with pep, Riverdale fans, because it may be almost time to say goodbye. Fans of The CW’s zany teen drama have wondered how long the show can keep going for quite some time, and now we have some intel about when it may end from Betty Cooper herself. During a recent Instagram Live, Lili Reinhart revealed Riverdale will likely end with Season 7, so get ready for things to get even wilder as the grand finale possibly draws near.

Over the course of five seasons, Riverdale jumped headfirst into some of the most unexpected storylines on television, ranging from organ-harvesting cults to Dungeons & Dragons-inspired monsters, but its sixth season took things to an entirely new level. Season 6 kicked off with a five-episode event set in an alternate reality called Rivervale, which saw several main characters perish in dark, supernatural ways. The messy timelines and dimension hopping got a bit confusing for fans, so Reinhart jumped on IG Live in the middle of the event on Nov. 30 to break it all down... and she wound up spilling some tea on when the series will likely come to an end.

Reinhart revealed the cast and crew is looking forward to a seventh season, which has yet to be officially picked up by The CW, and then that will likely be it for Riverdale. “We’re hoping for a Season 7,” Reinhart said, before going into a whisper. “And then that will probably be the last one.”

Riverdale ending with Season 7 isn’t the biggest surprise for hardcore fans. Back in 2020, KJ Apa revealed he and the rest of the show’s leads were contracted for three more years, sparking rumors that the series may end in 2023 once the contracts expire. Reinhart’s comments obviously add a ton of fuel to that fire, since a potential seventh season would likely premiere at the end of 2022 and conclude in 2023.

There’s no official word on Riverdale ending, though, so fans will have to sit tight to see if the Season 7 rumors turn out to be true.

New episodes of Riverdale’s “Rivervale” event air Tuesday nights on The CW, and then Season 6 will move to Sunday nights in 2022.