I Couldn't Help But Wonder...
Aidan Shaw didn't appear in 'And Just Like That,' despite John Corbett saying he would.

So Um, Where TF Was Aidan?

And just like that... I'm disappointed.


And Just Like That brought back so many beloved SATC stars in its first season, but one was conspicuously missing. No, not Samantha — superfans already knew she was going to be no-show. Aidan Shaw, on the other hand, was supposed to come back into Carrie’s life in the sequel series, but he never did. So why wasn’t Aidan in And Just Like That, despite John Corbett saying he would be?

Back in April 2021 when And Just Like That was a couple months away from beginning production, John Corbett confirmed to Page Six that he’d be returning as Aidan in the series. Carrie’s soulful, furniture-making ex was a fan favorite on SATC, and the only man who ever really stood a chance against Big as Carrie’s one true love. Even years after the HBO series ended, fans still passionately argue about why Carrie should’ve picked Aidan instead of Big. So it was very exciting to hear he’d be making a comeback... until the whole first season ran without so much as a mention of Aidan, including the Feb. 3 finale.

Aidan’s absence is especially confusing given Corbett’s comments to Page Six. Not only did the actor say he’d be in And Just Like That, he went so far as to tease Aidan would be in “quite a few” episodes. It sounded like not just a quick cameo, but a whole story arc... potentially involving Aidan and Carrie reigniting their spark all these years later? After all, the sequel series is all about Carrie trying to move on after losing Big, so who better to turn to than Aidan (even if he probably is still married with three kids)?


The series never confirmed Corbett’s involvement, so it’s possible Corbett was just trying to throw fans off the scent. It’s also possible he was involved, but production scrapped his scenes for some reason or another. Corbett has yet to speak out about his lack of appearance in the show as of yet.

But there might still be hope for an Aidan return if HBO Max picks up a second season of And Just Like That, which seems likely given the finale’s cliffhanger endings and its viral success. So stay strong, Aidan army, and just keep holding out hope that he’ll find his way back to Carrie in a potential second season.