Diesel La Torraca and Brianne Howey in Season 2 of 'Ginny & Georgia'

This New Ginny & Georgia Character Might Be The Shadiest Of Them All

Big yikes.

Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

People do all kinds of bad things on Ginny & Georgia, but there’s a new character in Season 2 who might be the shadiest yet. Gil Timmins, Austin’s dad, made his long-awaited debut in Season 2 of the show. And with his debut, audiences finally have answers about his mysterious stint in prison.

Warning: Spoilers for Ginny & Georgia Season 2 follow. In the first season of Ginny & Georgia, audiences learned that Georgia’s (Brianne Howey) two kids, Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and Austin (Diesel La Torraca) have different fathers. Ginny’s dad, Zion (Nathan Mitchell), lives nearby and is a part of Ginny’s life. Austin’s dad, Gil, however, was in prison. Georgia told Austin that Gil was in Azkaban, the fictional prison for wizards from the Harry Potter books, but that’s obviously not true. When Ginny learned that Georgia had just been hiding letters that Austin wrote to Gil, she decided to find Gil’s actual address and mail them herself. Georgia was pretty horrified to learn that, but it wasn’t until Season 2 that audiences learned why.

In Ginny & Georgia Season 2, Gil (Aaron Ashmore) arrived in Wellsbury and even though Austin was excited to hang out with his dad, Gil and Georgia are pretty icy toward each other. Gil kept showing up unannounced and whisking Austin away, but when Georgia’s fiancé Paul (Scott Porter) said they should set up official visitation hours, Georgia was resistant to getting lawyers involved.

Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

A few flashbacks revealed the messy history between Georgia and Gil. About 10 years ago, Georgia started dating Gil, who seemed like the perfect guy. He was sweet to Ginny and seemed to have an endless flow of cash. And that money was a key part of Georgia and Gil’s story; Gil revealed to Georgia that he embezzled from his company to fund their life.

Georgia and Gil’s relationship took a turn when he became physically abusive to her, and Georgia felt trapped when she became pregnant. In order to escape Gil, Georgia wrote herself a check for $100,000 from Gil’s company checkbook. It was that check that made Gil’s company notice all the funds he’d stolen, and he was arrested and sent to prison because of it.

Technically, Georgia and that giant check are the reason Gil went to prison, but it was for the type crime he’d actually committed countless times before. And while embezzlement was officially Gil’s crime, he’s also guilty of hurting Georgia.

In the present day, after Gil tried to attack Georgia again, Paul used his money and power to threaten Gil and make sure he stays away for good. That means Gil is out of the picture again, at least for now.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Ginny & Georgia are streaming on Netflix now.