It's A Love Story
Taylor Swift congratulated Ebon Moss-Bachrach on winning a Critics Choice Award for 'The Bear.'

Here's Why Taylor Swift Is Thrilled This The Bear Star Won An Award

Does this mean she's watched *that* scene?

After this year’s Critics Choice Awards, one specific winner got a very special congratulations from none other than Taylor Swift. And if you didn’t watch Season 2 of The Bear, you’d probably be very confused as to why. Ebon Moss-Bachrach made sure to shout out Swiftin his acceptance speech, and she quickly returned the favor by sharing just how thrilled she was for his big win.

Moss-Bachrach took home the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series trophy at the Critics Choice Awards on Jan. 14. The distinction was in honor of his portrayal of the down-on-his-luck Richie in The Bear, who finally worked up the nerve to hone his culinary skills and started to believe in himself in Season 2. And a huge part of his emotional journey was Taylor Swift.

As Richie finally got his life on track, he celebrated his newfound sense of purpose by belting Swift’s song “Love Story” at the top of his lungs in his car. Many fans considered the cathartic moment of joy the highlight of Richie’s whole storyline, alongside the life-changing conversation he had with a pro chef played by Olivia Colman that followed it.

So when Moss-Bachrach accepted his award, he made sure to give two important shoutouts: “I’ve got to thank my two special scene partners, Olivia Colman and Taylor Swift.”

And yes, Swift heard the mention. “Congratulations!!,” she tweeted under an article about Moss-Bachrach’s win.


The message of praise seemed to confirm that Swift is at least somewhat aware of the spiritual role she played in Season 2 of The Bear. The pop star was mentioned various times throughout the season, as Richie faced the daunting task of trying to track down Eras Tour tickets for his daughter. Through the process, which coincided with his renewed lease on life, he wound up becoming a full-blown Swiftie himself.

Rich Polk/Golden Globes 2024/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It’s unclear if Swift has actually watched The Bear, but she’s definitely got her eyes on one of the show’s stars this awards season.