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Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner

Here’s Why Kendall Jenner & Bad Bunny Reportedly Broke Up

Sources say they were never in a “forever type of relationship.”

Who will protect Kendall Jenner from the mosquitos now? Jenner and Bad Bunny reportedly broke up, per Us Weekly’s Dec. 17 report. The couple first connected nearly a year earlier in February 2023. Over the course of their relationship Jenner and Bad Bunny kept their romance private — rarely speaking about each other and keeping their joint appearances to a minimum (besides that couples Gucci campaign in September).

Neither Jenner nor Bad Bunny has confirmed the split rumors yet, but sources are already revealing the reason why they reportedly broke up. “Kendall and Bad Bunny have been doing their own things lately and things slowly started to fizzle out between them,” an insider told Entertainment Tonight on Dec. 17.

Apparently, the couple had always known that their romance wasn’t meant to last. “They both knew going into this that it likely wouldn't be a forever type of relationship and that was mutually understood from the get-go,” the ET source continued. “They have crazy busy schedules and know they're still young and have a lot more to experience individually before settling down.”

Per reports, the couple’s friends had been anticipating a breakup. “Friends aren’t surprised that Jenner and Bad Bunny have broken up,” a source told Us Weekly on Dec. 18. “They never really saw their relationship going the distance anyway.”

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The insider claimed that their friends noticed some incompatibility in Jenner and Bad Bunny’s relationship. “Of course, they want the best for their friend, but they really didn’t feel like Kendall was as compatible with Bad Bunny as she was in past relationships with other people,” the source told Us.

But there’s always a chance they find their way back to each other. “At the same time, Kendall has had a few on-off relationships in the past, so they wouldn’t be totally surprised if she got back together with him at some point,” the insider added to Us.

Sounds like they’re still on good terms. Per the Entertainment Tonight, Jenner and Bad Bunny ended amicably, and there “isn’t any negativity between them and they still want the best for one another.”