Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie Grateau, Paul Forman as Nicolas De Leon in Emily in Paris

Say "Bonjour" To The Latest Heartthrob On Emily In Paris

You may have seen him before...

by Ani Bundel
Netflix © 2022

With her relationship with Alfie and her friendship with Gabriel, and men like Mathieu in between, Emily always seems to be juggling multiple love interests no matter what season it is. Considering Season 2 ended with Gabriel committed to Camille, viewers naturally assumed Nicolas (Paul Forman), Emily In Paris’ latest heartthrob, would be yet another complication. But thankfully, it’s not her he’s hooking up with.

Warning: Spoilers for Emily In Paris Season 3 follow. Nicolas de Leon barged into Emily’s life just as her whole professional world came unraveled. As the head of JVMA, his father’s fashion conglomerate, Nicolas seemed poised to steal away Emily’s heart, the same way he stole Pierre Cadault, the client who Sylvie and Madeline were fighting over. By then it was clear that between Emily and Nicolas, it was just business. Things only got more awkward when Mindy, who attended boarding school with “Nico,” decided to pursue her former teen crush. Emily and Nico might have put aside their differences for Mindy, but then Sylvie stole Pierre back and publicly humiliated the de Leons.

However, Emily, Nico, and Mindy ended Season 3 hoping they’d found a friendly path forward. Although Nicolas’ company is no longer directly involved with Emily’s, it’s clear he’s not going anywhere in Season 4 — at least, not until Mindy and Benoît realize they belong together. (Fingers crossed for Eurovision!)

Tim Francis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As for the actor who plays Nicolas, if fans wonder if they’ve seen actor Paul Forman’s handsome face before, they’re right. He started his career in 2019 in the Austrian coming-of-age psychological horror film Nevrland where he co-starred with PBS regular Simon Frühwirth in the lead role of a 17-year-old experiencing anxiety.

From there, he played King Francis in the Starz historical drama The Spanish Princess and co-starred alongside the Gleeson brothers, Brian and Domhnall, in Frank of Ireland. Before Emily In Paris, his latest role was as a co-star in the Prime Video critical darling Riches, which has been described as the U.K.’s answer to Succession. In Riches, Forman is part of a mass ensemble of British talent, including Luke Cage’s Deborah Ayorinde, Ted Lasso’s Sarah Niles, Everything I Know About Love’s Adeyinka Akinrinade, and Downton Abbey’s Brendon Coyle.

Forman will hopefully return as Nicolas in Emily in Paris Season 4, which Netflix already renewed. Seasons 1 through 3 are streaming now.