Chloe Cherry plays Faye on 'Euphoria' Season 2.

Here's Everything To Know About Faye From Euphoria

Euphoria appears to be her jump from porn to mainstream acting.


Euphoria Season 2 opened with a scene viewers won’t soon forget. In a drug-fueled haze, Rue finds herself in the back of Fez’s car with an unforgettable new face — Chloe Cherry. The blonde bombshell portrays the character of Faye in Season 2, and if she looks familiar, it’s not from prior work with HBO. Cherry was an adult film star before making the transition to TV, and there’s a lot to know about her career.

According to her IMDB profile, Cherry has been in over 172 adult films, and started working in the field at age 18. She’s now 24 years old, and is making a major splash with her television debut. Fans are loving her character, and it sure seems like viewers will be seeing a lot more of her as the season progresses. After Episode 1, it was unclear if Faye would be just a one-episode cameo, but the second episode saw her shacking up with Fez, pretty much confirming she’ll be appearing throughout the season.

So what’s next for Cherry? Well, she’ll obviously be stealing scenes for the rest of this season of Euphoria, which is bound to open doors to even more TV and movie work. As for her real life persona? Here’s everything to know.


Chloe Cherry was born on Aug. 23, 1997 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Social Media:

You can find Cherry on Instagram at perfect_angelgirl. Her profile is a mix of steamy selfies, fierce outfits, and of course, posts promoting her new role on Euphoria. Cherry also has a secondary count under the handle perfect_angelart.


Euphoria appears to mark Cherry’s first-ever major TV gig, and she’s been candid about her sheer excitement about the opportunity. Ahead of the Season 2 premiere, she shared her gratitude on Instagram.

“Thank you so much to @hbo @zendaya @samlev00 for the incredible opportunity. JANUARY 9TH,” she wrote.

Cherry has already been an integral part of Euphoria Season 2, and something tells me her new gig with HBO is just the beginning for her.