Portia and Jack in 'The White Lotus'

The White Lotus Character You Should Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sorry to Taurus.

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The White Lotus Season 2 — and its theme song — might have taken over everyone’s screens in the fall of 2022, but it’s as relevant as ever now that award season is in full swing. (ICYMI, on Feb. 26, the cast reunited at the 2023 SAG Awards and took home the trophy for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.) So, what better time to reflect back on the show’s best characters to love... and to hate?

Although every White Lotus plot was full of flawed people, there was something irresistible about this ensemble cast — despite the plethora of sticky situations they faced. So, yes, it is completely normal to find yourself wondering who exactly you’d be best paired off with. Without Mike White giving his direct feedback, though, there’s no way to know for sure who would be your ideal match. (The show is full of twists and turns for a reason!) Without White’s guidance, it’s time to look to the cosmos for direction.

Without further ado, here is the White Lotus character you should date, based on your zodiac sign. (And if you end up with Dom, remember to blame the stars.)

Aries: Albie


Aries tend to have bold personalities and fiery temperaments. They do best with partners who are willing to go with the flow, like Albie (played by Adam DiMarco). Albie keeps things low-key and charming, but he’s willing to get out of his comfort zone on occasion — even if that includes making out at the hotel bar that both his dad and grandfather are staying at. For Aries, this kind of partner is a dream come true.

Taurus: Dom


Taureans are often protective and loyal, and sometimes that translates to a bit of jealousy. Considering Dom is a philandering husband, this might not seem like the best match, but it can work. Throughout Season 2, Dom seems like he’s trying to be a better husband (albeit misguidedly), which could speak to Taurus’ loyal side. He’s generous and family-oriented, too — traits that this earth sign will find endearing.

Gemini: Cameron


Gemini would definitely be a match for Cameron. This air signs thrives on playfulness and unpredictability — two traits that anyone in a relationship with Cameron would need. It might not be the healthiest relationship, but there’s always a chance that a Gemini could give Cam a lesson in clear communication. Maybe a consensual open relationship could be in the cards, after all?

Cancer: Harper


Harper knows the value of a deep emotional connection, which is Cancer’s cup of tea. In the show, Harper is determined to make the most of her marriage to Ethan, constantly looking for ways to engage with him and his friends. For a Cancer, emotional maturity is huge — making Harper the perfect match for the crab.

Leo: Ethan


Ethan doesn’t mind playing a supporting role, but he definitely enjoys being around some main characters. Enter: Leo. The lion needs someone who can hold their own while still letting them shine. Not to mention, Ethan’s characteristic possessiveness would make Leos feel appreciated rather than annoyed.

Virgo: Jack


Virgos keep their cards close to the chest. As a rule, this earth sign doesn’t dive right into relationships or fall head-over-heels in love. For Jack, who has some suspicious storylines throughout Season 2, a Virgo would actually make a good partner. They wouldn’t get distracted by Jack’s layers of charm, but they might be able to dig deep enough to see who is really beneath.

Libra: Valentina


Represented by the scales, Libras are best known for being balanced. Considering Valentina’s trajectory in Season 2 — exploring her sexuality, dealing with troublesome guests, and handling multiple yacht deaths — she could use a Libra’s stability. Plus, Valentina’s passion, wit, and high standards will instantly attract a Libra.

Scorpio: Tanya


A water sign, Scorpio tends to be very intuitive — something Tanya finds very attractive. (Lest we forget that she almost instantly hired a psychic when she arrived in Italy.) Scorpios are really great listeners who are solution-oriented. In other words, Tanya could have really used a Scorpio when she first started expressing doubts about Greg’s true nature.

Sagittarius: Daphne


People who have Sagittarius in their chart are often adventure-seekers who place a lot of value on freedom. Considering Daphne’s approach to marriage (and her relationship with Cameron), this type of partner is right up her alley. You won’t mind her spontaneous trip to Noto, and she’ll appreciate your understanding. Win-win.

Capricorn: Lucia


Capricorns are hard workers who appreciate the value in a good hustle, aka Lucia’s bread and butter. As an earth sign, Capricorns are grounded and practical — and they love coming up with a plan. It only makes sense that they’d gravitate toward the ever-enigmatic Lucia.

Aquarius: Portia


Aquarius is idealistic and independent, so they’ll appreciate those same traits in Portia. Plus, Aquarians tend to be incredible problem-solvers. Considering Portia’s proclivity for finding herself in trouble (see: at an Italian airport, in disguise, with none of her belongings), an Aquarian partner might be exactly what she needs.

Pisces: Mia


Pisces love to dream, so they’ll see plenty of themselves in Mia’s singing aspirations. A creative water sign who is naturally empathetic, Pisces would fall in love with Mia’s heartfelt songs and inspiring determination. Plus, Mia will find an artist worth admiring in Pisces’ creativity.

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