the cast of 'The Ultimatum' Season 1 on Netflix

Everything To Know About When And Where The Ultimatum Was Filmed

I did some digging.

Jody Domingue/Netflix

The path down the aisle looks different for every couple. Some people get married the night they meet, while others take years to get hitched. And other couples like to take a break to date other people on a buzzy reality show before they get engaged. OK, maybe that last one is a bit of an anomaly, but it *is* the premise for Netflix’s newest reality dating show, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. The cast of the show had a very unconventional timeline for marriage. Here’s everything to know about when and where The Ultimatum was filmed.

Most of the cast of The Ultimatum is from Texas, so it makes sense that they didn’t need to travel very far to be a part of the show. The Ultimatum Season 1 was filmed in Austin, Texas, with the cast staying in apartments that were provided by production. On the show, the cast frequently calls The Ultimatum a “social experiment” (much like the cast of its sister show, Love Is Blind) and any scientist will tell you that a good experiment requires controls and variables. If the variables of this experiment are the mix-and-match couples trying to figure out if they make sense together, then the controls are the Austin apartments they lived in while filming; they were all nearly identical, even down to the opaque silver wine glasses supplied by the show.


The timeline for The Ultimatum is where the experiment really steps outside the norms of typical relationships. At the start of the season, the six couples have all been together for varying lengths of time, around one to two years. But once they joined The Ultimatum, things kicked into overdrive. The show was filmed in spring 2021 over a couple of months. First, the whole cast spent a week getting to know each other, and then they formed new “trial marriages” with new partners for three weeks. After that, they returned to their original partners and lived with them for an additional three weeks. At the end of that time, they decided who they wanted to marry — or if they wanted to get married at all. Like I said, it’s not your average way of tying the knot. Now, only time will tell how things have changed for the cast in the year since filming the show.

The first eight episodes of The Ultimatum are streaming on Netflix now. The finale will release on Wednesday, April 13.