Finn Wolfhard as Mike in Stranger Things 4
What Will The Stranger Things Spinoff Be About? 8 Theories

The Duffer Brothers said it's not going to be what fans expect...

by Ani Bundel

With the arrival of Stranger Things 4, Volume 2, there’s only one more installment of episodes to go in Netflix’s flagship series. But fans have nothing to fear, as the Duffer Brothers have confirmed they’re already creating a spinoff series. Whatever it is, it’s supposed to run parallel to Season 5, which suggests the final season will hint at the new show, if not act as a backdoor pilot. Already, Stranger Things fans are running wild with theories about what the spinoff could be about.

Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things 4 follow. With the showdown between Vecna and Eleven all set to go in the end of Season 4 and a significant chance Season 5 will wrap up the story of the Upside Down for good, it’s hard to know where the world of Hawkins will go next. But there are some clues.

The Duffers themselves have said that, whatever fans think, the spinoff won’t be what anyone expected. But at least one cast member *did* figure it out. Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike in the original series, apparently guessed what it would be about simply by thinking about what would make for a fun show. That suggests the seeds of whatever idea the Duffers have come up with can be found somewhere in what already exists of Stranger Things.

Here are a few ideas.


Nancy Wheeler, PI

Netflix © 2022

If the Duffers are thinking about a sequel, the first thing is to determine which character makes the most sense to follow once Eleven’s story is over. The most obvious answer is Nancy, and what better idea than to follow her weekly adventures as a Paranormal Investigator. Nancy’s already shown herself to be a fine detective, and her experience with the Upside Down makes her the perfect person to investigate the unexplained. Dana Scully, eat your heart out.


MKUltra: The Beginnings

Another idea that has a lot of merit is a Stranger Things prequel. Viewers now have an outline of Brenner’s project, but not the details. With audiences having seen the complete set of numbered children, getting down and dirty into Brenner’s work and the kids’ adventures as they grow up and discover their powers could make for a neat twist on the teenage middle school adventure model.


Suzie & The Banshees

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One of the big questions fans have asked since Volume 1’s release is why there was an entire episode dedicated to the Cali crew visiting Suzie. Sure, it was funny, but the plot point on which it hinged was weak at best and could have been answered in 10 seconds.

Some fans are betting that the introduction of Suzie’s home life was seeding an eventual show around her and her budding tech hacker skills. This idea also has the added benefit of being just off the wall enough that it wouldn’t be an obvious spinoff for the Duffers to do.


The Wheelers

Another idea that doesn’t present itself as immediately evident but would — be the sort of thing the actor who plays Mike Wheeler would think of — is a sitcom about the Wheeler family. Since the show’s first season, Karen and Ted’s absolute obliviousness to their kids’ adventures has been one of the show’s running jokes. Twisting things around to create a situation comedy, a That ‘80s Show-type deal starring the Wheeler clan, could make for a fun series.


Dustin Goes To College


As noted earlier, Nancy Wheeler is the most practical answer for a sequel spinoff. The most impractical one would be Dustin. A series centered around Dustin’s college years has everything going for it. It could be a grown-ish-type spinoff in which Dustin heads to MIT and makes nerd friends in a nerd world at a time when technology and culture were shifting rapidly in their favor. And it would come with many opportunities — as well as built-in cameos, including Mike, Lucas, Will, Steve, Suzie, and more.


Hawkins High

With Riverdale ending, there’s a hole in the market for creepy high school teen soaps, and Hawkins High is the answer. Thanks to Hawkins’ Upside Down connections, the show could have some of the supernatural. But it could also be a teen soap drama, in which the different cliques in the school compete over territory, date each other, and generally experience teen angst.


Erica’s Hellfire Club


My favorite idea of what series the Duffers should do next is focus on Erica’s Hellfire club. With Eddie’s high school career at an end (hopefully due to his graduation and not his demise), it’s time for someone rough and tough to take over the Dragon Master position and run the Hellfire Club to its highest degree. Even though Eddie looked at Mike and Dustin as his protégés, Erica has already walked in and proved herself superior to everyone. Get that girl a denim jacket covered in patches and start blasting the Janet Jackson — D&D’s got a brand-new queen.


The Chicago 8

Even though they weren’t a popular detour in Season 2, audiences have never forgotten Eleven’s eyeliner-heavy trip to the Windy City. Knowing now that Number 1 offed the rest of Brenner’s children, Number 8 is far more alone than audiences knew back then. A spinoff covering her adventures might be a bit far-fetched, but it would continue the story Stranger Things started. That makes it more probable than one might think.