Paula Garces as Geny, Eric Neil Gutierrez as Ruben Sr. in Freeridge

On My Block's Main Mystery Is Back In Freeridge — What To Remember

Jamal's quest gets new life.

by Ani Bundel
Kevin Estrada © 2022

From the first season of On My Block, the Freeridge local legend of the RollerWorld money has been an ongoing mystery the series promised it would eventually solve. And although the show’s final season finally gave fans the answers they were looking for, myths of giant hidden piles of money somewhere nearby don’t disappear that easily. Now, On My Block’s spinoff Freeridge brings back the RollerWorld money for an all-new spin on the mystery.

Warning: Spoilers for Freeridge Season 1 (and a few for On My Block Seasons 1 through 4) follow. On My Block originally introduced the legend of RollerWorld in Season 1. According to the oft-embellished myth, a group known as the Prophet$ used the RollerWorld rink’s business to launder money back in the 1980s. The ended when two members of the Santos gang, Benito, and Frankie, stole $250,000 of the ill-gotten gains and buried it somewhere in Freeridge. The two were then arrested and murdered while in lockup, leaving the money’s whereabouts unknown. Jamal’s obsession with finding the money and Abuelita Marisol’s encouragement to investigate it led to him completing the quest.

The problem with $250,000 in bills is that it is traceable and inconveniently bulky. Jamal was perpetually worried about it being found, or worse, disappearing. Much like Marisol’s box in Freeridge, Jamal became convinced the money was cursed, and even after the money was laundered and the group spent some of it to rescue one of their own, it never seemed to do anything but bring them a headache until it finally disappeared with Oscar at the end of Season 3. However, in the series finale, fans learned Oscar left the money with Marisol, who reburied it and gave Jamal and his friends the map to dig it back up as her final gift to them.

Kevin Estrada © 2022

Most of this story is relayed in the opening episodes of Freeridge, as the new Core Four of Gloria, Cam, Demi, and Ines, found themselves in possession of a box that once belonged to Marisol. At first, they believed her ghost was haunting them and called Jamal to find answers, only to learn it was her twin sister Mariluna, who wanted her sister’s stuff back.

Despite fans wondering whether the box would link to the map Marisol left of the RollerWorld money’s location, no dice. The box wasn’t cursed, no more than the RollerWorld money was. However, having money is still a curse, and it was not long before Mariluna was spotted by Sad Eyes and Joker, the two remaining members of the Santos family from On My Block, as they rolled through the neighborhood. The two mistook her for Marisol and assumed she faked her death to escape with the money. As Freeridge Season 1 ended, a gunshot suggested Mariluna joined her sister on the other side.

All four seasons of On My Block and the first season of Freeridge are streaming on Netflix.