'On My Block' cast in Season 3

The 'On My Block' Cast Really Wants To Talk About That Season 3 Ending


On My Block Seasons 1 and 2 had a ton of calling cards: raw depictions of life in a predominately Latinx and black Los Angeles neighborhood, relatable and LOL-worthy teenage drama, gripping overarching mysteries, and cliffhangers that'll make you scream at your screens. Season 3, which dropped on Netflix on March 11, has all of the above, and takes each of those elements to new levels. So much so, in fact, fans who devoured all eight of the new episodes are already desperate to know if On My Block will get a Season 4 — and if so, can they make it, like, ASAP? It turns out, the cast feels the same way.

Warning: Light spoilers for On My Block Season 3 follow. "We would hate to end there," Jessica Marie Garcia, who plays Jasmine, tells Elite Daily. She's referring to Season 3's wild flash-forward ending, which showed each of the characters at very different points in their lives.

"I cried," Sierra Capri, who plays Monse, adds, reminiscing on the first time she read the script for the season's final episode. (If you've seen it, you know why she's so emotional, and if you haven't, what are you waiting for?)

Like its predecessors, Season 3 combines typical stories of high school friendships and relationships with totally out-there storylines, this time including chasing down the presumed-dead Lil Ricky, crashing a music video shoot, and avoiding getting killed by a bloodthirsty gang leader. But there's something different about the third season — the kids are growing up, and the show is evolving along with them.


"I think Seasons 1 and 2 were based a lot on introducing us all as characters and all of the relationships and now I think Season 3 is about how those relationships now — with the traumas that have happened and the things that we've all been through — [are] straining, those relationships we started as kids... and sort of losing the innocence of just friendship," Brett Gray (Jamal) explains.

"It's about the growth of our characters ... You know us already now, so now it's like, this is our story," Jason Genao (Ruby) adds.

Though a Season 4 has not yet been confirmed, the cast is definitely hoping to come back together to continue their characters' journeys in a whole new way.

"It was definitely, like, really hard to film that last scene ... that was pretty heartbreaking," Diego Tinoco (Cesar) says. "But I trust the writers and I'm sure, you know, they'll have one hell of story for us. The story’s not over."

On My Block Season 3 is on Netflix now.