Jamie Skaar on Season 18 of 'The Bachelorette' on ABC

Jamie Is Pushing Back Against Haters After His Time On The Bachelorette

He's keeping positive.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

One Bachelorette “villain” might have gotten the boot in Season 18, but Jamie Skaar is standing by his actions. After Michelle Young sent him home during Week 3, fans are wondering what the first pot-stirrer of the season is up to after his dramatic elimination. Here’s everything you need to know about what Jamie’s been doing since he ruffled all the feathers on The Bachelorette.

Heading into Season 18, Jamie seemed like a major frontrunner. The 32-year-old biotech CEO had the first one-on-one date with Michelle of the season, and the couple quickly formed a close connection — so close, in fact, that Jamie felt the need to tell Michelle that some of the guys in the house were speculating about her dating history. According to Jamie, the other contestants were unclear on whether Michelle had a boyfriend before heading to filming — and implied the cast suspected it was Joe Coleman, another Minnesota native.

That catch, of course, is that the only contestant who seemed unsettled about Michelle’s dating history was actually Jamie. In a “private chat” with a producer (that was obviously caught on camera because, hello, this *is* The Bachelorette), Jamie said he felt like he was way ahead of the other guys and even mentioned he didn’t like how Michelle was ~behaving~ like she was on “spring break.” Naturally, Twitter didn’t take too kindly to Jamie’s comments, and when Michelle sent him home during Week 3, no one was surprised... except maybe Jamie.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

But after his time on the show, Jamie seems to stand by his actions and is staying positive. On Oct. 27, the day after the Jamie drama started onscreen, Jamie posted an Instagram talking about his “character” and how thankful he was for the show. His caption read:

“I still rep for my cast mates and believe they’re a dope group of men. I still rep for Michelle who’s one of the most quality women I’ve met. They can’t give her enough air time to show you how truly amazing she is. I still rep for Bachelor Nation who’ve showed me an outpouring of kindness as well as for those that have reminded me why showing kindness is important.”

Despite seeming appreciative of Bachelor Nation’s response, Jamie turned comments off on the post, but not before he commented that he’d “repeat [his] actions even w/ all this negativity.” The following week, after Jamie’s elimination aired, he once again posted an Instagram expressing his appreciation for the fans and defending his actions. In the caption of his Nov. 5 post, Jamie said: “I get the opinions based off what ppl saw on tv. I wasn’t a fan either and in a lot of cases I was as surprised as the audience. But it’s worth remembering characterization on tv isn’t necessarily someone’s character in real life.”

For a guy who never watched the show — at least according to his ABC bio — he sure does have the famous Bachelor Nation apologetic non-apology down. Let’s just hope for Jamie’s sake that if he makes it to Bachelor in Paradise, he’ll have learned his lesson about dissing other people when he thinks the cameras aren’t rolling.

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