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MICHELLE YOUNG and JAMIE SKAAR on Season 18 of 'The Bachelorette' on ABC

Twitter Voted To Eliminate This Bach Contestant Way Before The Rose Ceremony

You can't diss Michelle and expect fans to be OK with it.

It was only a matter of time until a Season 18 Bachelorette villain showed his face, and it looks like Bachelor Nation finally found the Big Bad this season... for now, at least. After a messy few episodes in which Jamie played both sides of the drama, things finally came to a head when the contestant showed his true colors. After dissing Michelle on The Bachelorette, these tweets about Jamie Skaar made it clear viewers were more than ready for him to pack his bags in the Nov. 2 episode.

While the Jamie drama didn’t start during Week 3, it was pretty apparent fans were ready for it to end by the time his plan started unraveling. Basically, during Week 2, Jamie told Michelle that the guys in the house were concerned about whether or not she had something going on with contestant Joe Coleman before joining the show. The thing is, none of the guys — other than Jamie — seemed to be talking about Michelle’s dating history. The revelation completely shook Michelle’s confidence, and when the guys tried to figure out who would mislead Michelle about their feelings, Jamie didn’t own up to spreading the rumors.

It seemed at first like Jamie would get away with stirring the pot, but come on, this is The Bachelorette after all. Things came to a head in Week 3, and it got real bad, real quick for Jamie. While seemingly thinking he was speaking privately to a producer, Jamie started talking about how he wasn’t a fan of the way Michelle was behaving and noted that he was obviously a frontrunner. He even shaded Michelle for being in “spring break mode,” whatever that means. Naturally, Bachelor Nation immediately start tweeting furiously to defend the Bachelorette and clap back at Jamie for his overall behavior on the show.

After Michelle let it slip to the other guys that it was Jamie who made her believe everyone was questioning her, word quickly started spreading. Just before the Nov. 2 rose ceremony, Michelle pulled Jamie aside to confront him about his decision to not only try to “protect” her but also spread bad vibes throughout the house. After saying she couldn’t trust him, Michelle sent Jamie home before the rose ceremony even began. And Twitter did not hold back in celebrating.

With one villain down, it’s only a matter of time before someone new steps up as the next bad guy. See who takes over Jamie’s drama-starting position when The Bachelorette continues Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.