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We Need To Talk About The "Shocking Twist" In BIP Season 8

It looks dramatic.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Each season of The Bachelor gets described as “the most dramatic ever,” but now the latest season of Bachelor In Paradise is getting a new descriptor: “shocking.” Specifically, the show keeps hinting at a “shocking twist” coming at some point in Season 8. The twist itself is still a mystery, but we do know it’s big enough to have the women screaming, “F*ck you, Jesse Palmer,” at some point in the season, so you know it’s juicy. Here’s what to know so far about whatever twist Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 has in store.

Bachelor In Paradise is always like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette’s goofy little sibling. It doesn’t take itself as seriously and is way more open about all the hanky panky among the cast. The BIP Season 8 trailer highlights all that silliness, but it also teases a “shocking twist” that “divides the beach.” (Jesse Palmer’s words, not mine.)

“Your relationships are about to be put to the test,” Jesse tells the cast in the trailer. “Everything is about to change.” That’s when Jesse seems to introduce a group of five new women while telling the other women to pack their bags because they’re “leaving immediately.” Fans can’t tell for sure, but it looks like part of the way through the season, the original women in the cast will be sent away from Paradise while the original men date a new group of women. Think Love Island’s Casa Amor, in which couples are split up and able to get to know other sexy singles without their partner seeing them. It’s fun, it’s messy... and apparently it might be the concept of Bachelor In Paradise’s new twist.

Wells Adams, BIP’s resident bartender, recently spoke with Us Weekly about how the producers decided to “try some things this year” that they hadn’t done in previous years... and that new stuff got a mixed reaction from the cast.

“From where I sat, I loved it,” Wells said. “Now, the cast did not like it very much. You’ll see a lot of cast members be kind of angry at some of the things we throw at [them] this year, but it’s a fun show and, you know, I guess it’s a testament to, like, how much ABC believes in the show.”

It’s unclear exactly how the twist plays out and how the women react when they’re brought back to the beach... if they’re even brought back at all. But one thing is clear: This season of BIP will be dramatic and shocking, just like the producers promised.

Season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.