Andy Cosferent on 'Cheer' on Netflix

Wait, Why Did Andy Disappear In The Middle Of Cheer Season 2?

Let's dive in.


Season 2 of Netflix’s docuseries Cheer is pretty different from Season 1. First of all, the second season begins just after the first season premiered on Netflix in early 2020, so audiences get to watch the cast deal with their newfound fame in real time. And on top of all the changes in the Navarro College cheer team’s personal lives, the second season also shows how the team handles the athletic world’s shutdown in 2020. Because of all these changes, some familiar faces are missing from part of Cheer Season 2, including assistant coach Andy Cosferent.

Andy was the assistant coach for Navarro College’s championship-winning cheer team in Season 1 of Cheer, and he continues to support the team during their 2020 season in the first half of Season 2. But the 2020 NCA cheer competition was canceled in 2020 due to the lockdowns, so the team never got to compete that year. Season 2 of Cheer continues throughout the 2021 season, but at some point during the season, Andy appears to no longer be at Navarro. The series never addresses it, but here’s what we know about why and how Andy disappeared in the middle of Cheer Season 2, and where he went.

When the Navarro cheerleaders returned to train for the 2021 NCA competition, Andy embarked on his own new adventure. In February 2021, Andy shared a post on Instagram that announced his new business venture: Cheer Source, “a new large-scale, multi-sport and entertainment experience” focused on cheerleading. In his Instagram caption, Andy wrote, “I am so honored and excited to embark on this new project and venture! We are going to put in all the work and effort necessary in order to make this a ONE OF A KIND EXPERIENCE.”

There were plans for Cheer Source to hold a large in-person event in Las Vegas in January 2022, but the event was postponed due to recent lockdowns. Even though Cheer Source still seems to be Andy’s main focus these days, Andy still appears to support Navarro cheer. He mentions Navarro in his Instagram bio, and has been posting about the release of Season 2 of Cheer.

Season 2 of Cheer is streaming on Netflix now.