The 'Euphoria' Season 2, Episode 4 promo is all about love triangles.

Next Week's Euphoria Takes A Super Dark Turn

The show is always heavy, but this promo is on another level.


The first season of Euphoria was all about troubled teen relationships, and in Season 2, two unexpected love triangles have taken center stage. The first three episodes set up a strenuous secret relationship between Nate and Cassie, which they’ve kept hidden from Cassie’s BFF and Nate’s recent ex, Maddy. They also introduced soulful stoner Elliot, who formed an instant connection with Rue, but has also started to grow on Rue’s girlfriend, Jules. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like fans will have to wait much longer for these hidden or hinted-at affairs to come to light, because the Euphoria Season 2, Episode 4 promo reveals the next new episode will be all about the romantic drama.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Euphoria Season 2, Episode 3. So far in the season, the major tension has just been bubbling under the surface. The third episode saw Cassie obsessing over Nate, and nearly blurting out her love for him to Maddy before catching herself. Although Nate and Maddy broke up at the end of Season 1, Maddy told Cassie she is considering taking him back... which came to fruition at the end of Episode 3 when Nate stood Cassie up to meet up with Maddy instead.

The Episode 4 teaser hints at Nate dumping Cassie in favor of Maddy. The clip shows Maddy professing her love for Nate, as they embrace. Meanwhile, other scenes show Nate screaming at Cassie and glowering at her as she tearfully leaves his house.


And then there’s the Rue/Jules/Elliot situation. Rue called Elliot her “new favorite person” after feeling comfortable and not judged while getting high with him. Jules quickly picked up on their connection and interrogated Elliot over his feelings for her girlfriend. But as Jules and Elliot grew closer while Rue was M.I.A. getting involved in some shady stuff, they seemed to take a liking to one another. (Their chemistry is only aided by the rumors that Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike are dating IRL.)

While nothing physical has gone down between Rue and Elliot or Jules and Elliot yet, the Episode 4 promo seems to suggest things will go there very soon. The teaser shows the three buddies playing a game of truth or dare, and there are quite a lot of steamy shots of Jules and Elliot together.

In the midst of all this, Rue looks to be lost in her own misadventure after making a deal to sell for a dangerous druglord. She’s already struggled to keep her hands off the supply, and it looks like she’ll be going on one of her hallucinogenic trips in Episode 4 as she hugs a mysterious figure in the middle of a church, repeatedly saying “I love you.” The final moments of the promo make it unclear if Rue is saying she loves Jules, Elliot, pills, or someone/something else entirely.

Episode 4 of Euphoria Season 2 will air Sunday, Jan. 30, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.