'Euphoria' co-stars Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike were spotted holding hands while leaving a resta...

Hunter Schafer May Be Dating Her New Euphoria Co-Star Dominic Fike

Nobody tell Rue about this.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Could there be a new power couple in Hollywood? Fans certainly think so! On Sunday, Jan. 16, Euphoria co-stars Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike were spotted holding hands while leaving a restaurant together in West Hollywood, sparking dating rumors. Adding to the buzz, an eyewitness reported to the gossip site Deux Moi the two were “kissing and dancing” at dinner, although there are no pics to prove it. Still, due to all the talk happening online, fans are wondering whether Schafer and Fike are dating. So, what’s the truth? Let’s dive in.

Schafer has been portraying Jules in Euphoria since the series’ premiere in June 2019, while Fike recently joined the cast as Elliot for the show’s second season, which debuted on HBO on Sunday, Jan. 9. Just days after Euphoria returned, dating rumors between Schafer and Fike surfaced when the pair were photographed leaving The Nice Guy, which is a hot spot for celebrities, on Jan. 16.

As of the time of the photos, the two haven’t shared much screentime together on Euphoria Season 2, but that’s likely to change since it looks they’ll be competing for Rue’s (Zendaya) affection. That’s another spicy layer to this rumored relationship: Shafer and Fike are both playing characters who have feelings for the same person.

Of course, Euphoria fans absolutely lost it when they heard there was a possibility two of their favorite actors could be together.

Neither star has confirmed their relationship, but fans are totally convinced the pair are more than friends, especially since there were rumors Schafer and Fike were also showing PDA while dining at The Nice Guy. According to the celebrity gossip Instagram account Deux Moi, a fan who was at the restaurant saw the pair “kissing and dancing.”

The rumors surfaced just when the second season of Euphoria has begun teasing a love triangle between Rue, Jules, and Elliot. Fans love seeing the drama unfold on screen, and now, they’re crossing their fingers a real-life romance has bloomed between Schafer and Fike. While they haven’t confirmed their relationship status, fans definitely think they would make a cute couple!