Billie Eilish's new video for 'Male Fantasy' is here.

Billie's Self-Directed "Male Fantasy" MV Is One Of Her Darkest Ever

She shared a special message about it on IG.


Billie Eilish not only knows how to pen a breakup bop, but she’s also great at pulling together an equally as devastating music video. Eilish released her self-directed video for “Male Fantasy” on Dec. 6, and the visual was as heavy as the song’s lyrics. But seeing as the video was entirely self-edited, it’s an extra special one, so fans are here for the gloom and doom.

Eilish took to Instagram to share all the details behind her latest music video. As she explained in her caption, having full creative control over the latest work was “very satisfying.” “‘Male Fantasy’ VIDEO OUT TOMORROW AT 9AM PT!!!!!! finallyyyyyyyyyy!!” she wrote. “Directed and EDITED BY meeeeeeeeeee! one of my first videos to edit all alone and it was such a fun task and very very satisfying. see you tomorrow.”

The video depicts Eilish coping with a brutal heartbreak while spending a lot of time alone at home. On the day she released the video, she shared a follow-up message about how special the project is to her. “Directing and editing this video was such a joy and the best experience from start to finish,” she captioned her Instagram post. “Go go go watch it now hope you enjoy.”

Watch Eilish’s video for “Male Fantasy” below.

Eilish’s fans, friends, and record label were unbelievably proud of her self-directed clip, and they were sure to say so. “To have directed & edited this yourself, you killed it Bill. I’m sure everyone has felt exactly what you portrayed in this one. Proud of you,” talent agent Joya Jackson wrote on Instagram.

Another one of Eilish’s friends wrote, “I’ll never forget the first time I heard this song. And this video... bil you’ve captured something so real and raw. In awe of you every single day.”

As her support group continues to praise her first fully self-edited body of work, Eilish has a lot to be proud of.