TXT's latest single "Sugar Rush Ride" is about giving into temptations.

TXT's New Single Is All About Growing Up

The lyrics are so dark.

Photo Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC

TXT has officially made their first comeback of 2023. On Friday, Jan. 27, the group dropped their fifth EP, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, featuring their latest single “Sugar Rush Ride.” The dance track, which is driven by a funky guitar rhythm and a catchy whistle hook, is one you won’t be able to stop replaying. However, don’t let the song’s upbeat sound distract you because the lyrics tell a dark story.

TXT is known for incorporating themes about growing up in their music, and their newest EP does the same. According to a press release by their label, BIGHIT MUSIC, The Name Chapter: Temptation is a “conceptual album” that tells a story about “youth on the brink of adulthood” with each track.

“It follows a group of boys on their journey forward despite obstacles and sweet temptations. The story is one that represents today’s generation as they continue to grow through the challenges of the world,” the company said, adding that “Sugar Rush Ride” is specifically about “a boy who falls to the sweet temptations of a devil.”

TXT elaborated on this theme during a Jan. 26 press conference in Seoul. “Our new EP revolves around the boys who have to give up freedom and joy to achieve maturity,” they explained, according to the Korea Times.

The group also said their “Sugar Rush Ride” music video included Neverland — the fictional island in Peter Pan associated with eternal childhood — to show how the boys temporarily gave in to their temptations before “they thrust it away.”

TXT starts their single by admitting their “determination” to mature has begun to waver.

The thoughts soon stopped breathing/ When you get back/ My determination comes instantly undone/ For you (Ayy)

Then, in their song’s refrain, they sing about being swept away in a fantasy by a devil, who promises to fulfill their greatest desire: Freedom.

Come a little closer (Ah-ah-ah, oh)/ You whisper (Ah-ah-ah, oh)/ Swallow/ The sugar rush (Ah-ah-ah, oh)/ Feast up in the night sky (Ah-ah-ah, oh)/ Sweet desire (Ah-ah-ah, oh)/ Taking me into the dream/ The liar on the bedside

During the pre-chorus, TXT says they can’t help but give in to the devil.

I can feel it I can’t resist it/ That sweet devilish smile/ You open my locked door so easily/ Oh my, I see the stars/ The devil said

The group switches things up in the chorus by singing from the point of view of the devil that’s luring them into its trap.

Ha Ha/ Gimme, gimme more/ Gimme, gimme more/ Ha Ha/ Come here, more/ Let's play, more (Get away)/ Sugar rush-ush, sugar rush-ush/ Sugar rush-ush, sugar rush-ush-uh, ah/ Gimme, gimme more/ Gimme, gimme more/ Sugar rush-ush, sugar rush-ush/ Sugar rush-ush, sugar rush-ush-uh, ah/ Come here, more/ Let's play, more

During the second verse, TXT describes the temporary feeling of ecstasy they feel from giving into their temptations.

You’re so addictive/ My veins full of sweets/ The forbidden lines slowly/ Fade away/ This daze-like anemia/ But I prefer it that way/ Every cell under my skin/ Becomes more sensitive

After failing to resist, TXT ends the song by realizing they’ve been played by the devil.

You're bad, you liar/ What did you do to me, sugar

Of course, this is all a metaphor for growing up since the song is about facing the reality of adulthood.

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