TXT released their new music video for "Frost."

TXT's "Frost" Music Video Is An Actual Masterpiece

A work of art, really.


TOMORROW X TOGETHER (aka TXT) can do no wrong, and their latest video is the ultimate display of their talents. The K-Pop band has finally unveiled their music video for “Frost,” and it’s one of their most magical yet. Between fortune tellers and time travel, the TXT guys took the ultimate journey in the “Frost” music video, and it’s a must-see for MOA everywhere.

TXT officially released the “Frost” video on Oct. 27, and it was everything fans had hoped for and more. While the band had been dropping hints about what MOA could expect through teaser posters on Twitter, the visual was one of their most theatrical to date. In the clip, the bandmates go through a portal to enter a brand new world where they encounter a fortune teller. In that world, each individual bandmate receives a card that tells their destiny.

The “Frost” music video is as meaningful as it is magical. As explained in an official press release, the song and video tells the story of a boy who learns of his given fate, and likens his “confused and chaotic” state of mind to "frost."

You can see the “Frost” music video for yourself below.

“Frost” was featured as a B-side track on TXT’s second studio album The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE, and later appeared on the band’s repackaged version, The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE. In an exclusive interview with Elite Daily in August, the band further explained the meaning behind the repackaged album.

“[The album] takes us further into how this boy feels about the love that has turned his world upside down,” Soobin said. “Because of his love, he isn’t content with staying frozen. He wants to take action and change things for the better — not only for himself, but for her.”

Now, with the release of their “Frost” video, TXT took their narrative one step further. It’s a moment so epic, it’s worthy of being frozen in time.