Since We Can't Have Rachel And Peter, Twitter Is Asking For The Next Best Thing


You guys, why we can't have nice things? Oh, wait. I know why. It's because we take the nicest things, put them in front of a camera, and splice them with drama, heartbreak, and three-minute commercial breaks. Then, we wonder WTF happened.

If you haven't already heard, watched, or convulsed over your computer for 45 minutes, in the final episode of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay reached into our chests, gripped our hearts, and crushed them until there was nothing left when she picked contestant Bryan Abasolo over Peter Kraus. Yes, she left behind Peter and Dean. And Twitter was p*ssed.

HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO PETER, RACH? How could you get engaged to Bryan and say you were gonna take things so, so slowly, WHEN THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT PETER WANTED TO DO? There are a lot of things I don't understand in the world, but I think Rachel's decision-making process literally tops my list.

Anyway, because we are all likely in the bargaining stage of the grieving process, Twitter has asked for the next best thing — the one thing that could actually undo this mess of heartbreak and "frustration" (sorry, Rach) we have found ourselves in: GIVE US PETER AND DEAN TOGETHER.

Peter and Dean were arguably the biggest fan favorites of this season. Seriously, the only thing sadder than Rachel and Peter's breakup (which was pretty f*cking passionate, if I do say so myself) was the moment Rachel sent Dean home, mostly for reasons that were out of his control.

And you know what? Peter and Dean didn't deserve any of this mess.

But you know what these two loving guys do deserve?


Back on July 20, Peter posted this adorable picture on Instagram of Dean and him cuddling in Copenhagen.

Frankly, I'm simultaneously pissed at and thrilled with Peter for posting this. I'm pissed because it probably shaved about seven years off my life because of how much I screamed over it. But I'm thrilled because PETER BLESSED US WITH THIS SOLID #PEAN CONTENT.

You shared clothes? You shared a bed? Batman to my Robin? PATRICK TO MY SPONGEBOB? Do you hear my vehement sobs in the distance?

Anyway, this picture is what sparked a load of tweets about how we need Peter and Dean together in this difficult time.

@The Bachelor franchise, give the people what they want. They want #PEAN.

Look, I'm not here to say Rachel made a huge mistake, that Bryan shouldn't be trusted, and that Peter and Dean deserve a life of happiness together...

...but Rachel made a huge mistake, Bryan shouldn't be trusted, and Peter and Dean deserve a life of happiness together.

While we've heard that Dean will move on to the next season of Bachelor in Paradise, there's no word on what Peter's future plans are just yet. Let's just hope they somehow involve more #Pean Instagram posts. Please, Peter and Dean. Do it for the children.

(That's me. I'm the children. Do it for me.)

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