Entertainment — Twin Artists Paint Stills From Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape
by Kevin Losani

A wise man once said, “Break records at Louis. Ate breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.” The girl in reference is Kim Kardashian.

Why is Kim Kardashian famous? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? These are the questions that plague mankind and continue to drive progressive, free-thinking individuals crazy.

A sex tape that Kim K and Ray J made in 2003 was “leaked” (I'm literally using over-the-top air quotes here) in 2007. According to Page Six, A mutual friend of Kim and Paris Hilton had suggested to Kim that if she wanted to achieve fame, a sex tape was the answer.


The result? Millions of dollars, superstardom and getting hitched to one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time.

“I bet me and Ray J would be friends, if we ain't love the same bitch.”

I never understood the fascination with any of the Kardashians. I always wished I had that flash thing that the Men in Black use to erase them from my and everyone's memory. But that was wishful thinking, and I had to accept that they are here to stay.

Enter The Kaplan Twins, Allie and Lexi — the 23-year-old talented artists based out of LA. I met these chipper twins at an artist incubator in LA, and they began telling me about their projects. They were both hella enthusiastic about everything they were doing and were infectiously adorable. They would finish each other's sentences and say certain phrases simultaneously.

They showed me a nearly finished oil painting of Kim Kardashian sucking Ray J's dick. I smiled, nodded my head and appraised the work. “Very nice. You really captured the beauty and essence of that moment," I said to myself, chuckling.

But why? They went on to explain that they were creating a series of risque paintings and calling it “Make Me Famous.” I scratched my beard and began thinking that this is pretty interesting and actually more than just empty shock value.

They proceeded to explain that they wanted to get people thinking about how a lot of celebrities get famous in America and how the rise to stardom often involves sexual exploitation or "sexploitation." They also unabashedly admitted that they thought it was simply hilarious.

When you look at these graphic images you do begin to realize how ridiculous and funny the whole concept of sexploitation is. You have to wonder is it really as easy as filming yourself fucking and then leaking the footage? If it is, where do I sign up? I'll admit, I've considered it. But there are some other variables, and strings to pull. Plus the shame would be a heavy burden to bear for some.

All in all, the underlying intention for this series was to get people talking. The Kaplan Twins stated, “Our goal is to just generate a conversation.” I'm not so sure it will be the right conversation all of the time, but their pop-up gallery definitely got the people fired up. They even ended up selling a painting to Pornhub.

The answer to the age-old question, “Why are the Kardashians rich and famous?” is in the mirror. It's us. We generate the buzz and conversation. So should we hate on the Kardashians? I've decided nah. Like Lexi Kaplan said, “Let them do them.”

“Twenty-one Grammys, superstar family, we the new Jacksons...”

The Twins also participated in the erotic exploitation by painting a photo of them with chocolate smeared all over the butts, and strawberries up their butts. This was also on display at the "Make Me Famous" gallery.

The Kaplan Twins are a lethal dynamic duo that complement each other very well — both upbeat, talented and really creative. Allie is the more flamboyant, scatterbrained, wild-card who will come up with fascinating ideas. Lexi is the more focused, disciplined and driven one who'll make sure those great ideas come to life. Keep up to speed with their art and projects by following The Kaplan Twins on Instagram.

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