Trey and Ryann's trial marriage on 'The Ultimatum' Season 2 had fans rooting for them.

The Best 'Ultimatum' Relationship Is This Fake One

They should've run off together, sorry!


Spoiler alert: This post details events from throughout The Ultimatum Season 2.

The second season of The Ultimatum has been a mess. That’s really not a surprise, though. All five of the new couples seem to have issues so deeply-rooted, that they probably should not be considering marriage at all. In fact, the consensus among viewers online is that every single couple should break up. But surprisingly, there was one pairing that won over fans’ hearts — and it wasn’t a couple that existed before the show. Trey and Ryann’s joyful, romantic trial marriage on The Ultimatum Season 2 was the proof everyone needed that this bizarre dating experiment could actually work... in at least one case.

Coming in, it was clear that both Trey and Ryann weren’t in ideal relationships. Trey’s girlfriend Riah didn’t seem to have that strong of a connection with him, and Ryann’s longtime boyfriend James clearly needed to work through some things. When they finally left their partners’ baggage behind and began a trial marriage together, everything just worked. Ryann was able to let go of her stress over James’ hangups, and Trey experienced what it was like to have a partner meet him on his level of intimacy.

Unsurprisingly, every other trial marriage was a total disaster, but Trey and Ryann’s three weeks as fake-spouses actually had viewers believing in the power of The Ultimatum. Fans fawned over their cute dates, emotionally stable conversations, and were soon wishing for the could-be couple to ditch the people they came in with and run off together.

Trey and Ryann’s drama-free romance especially stood out in Season 2 because they were surrounded by so many pairings that weren’t working. James and Riah’s trial marriage was rigid and isolating, Alex and Roxanne’s devolved into chaotic fighting, and Antonio and Kat’s never had any spark to begin with. The failed fake-marriages didn’t seem to help the real couples get over their issues at all, especially when it came to Trey and Ryann’s significant others — Riah still wanted to pursue her life in the city rather than settle down with Trey, and although James opened up about his past trauma to Ryann, he still remained resistant to opening up fully and prone to sudden outbursts.

That’s the situation viewers saw, at least. Despite how it all ends, Trey and Ryann may just be one of the strongest matches The Ultimatum has put together.