Sophie Stonehouse had a rough journey on 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 4.

Here's What Sophie's Up To After Too Hot To Handle

She had a rough time on the show.


The fourth season of Too Hot To Handle ended up creating a good amount of romantic matches, but not everyone got so lucky. Sophie had a particularly heartbreaking run on the show, but she’s not letting it get her down. Here’s what Too Hot To Handle star Sophie Stonehouse is up to now.

Sophie entered Season 4’s Turks and Caicos villa not looking for anything serious, which of course, obviously meant she was about to fall way too hard for someone. Her Netflix bio focused on Sophie’s fear of commitment after ending her only long-term relationship before coming on the show, and she made her no-strings-attached policy crystal clear upon her arrival: “I don’t want anything serious with anyone. If I wake up in the morning and they’re not there, that’s great!” But that didn’t last long. She sparked a romance with Aussie bad boy Creed McKinnon right away, and although she really did try to abide by the show’s celibacy rules more than anyone else, she did give in and kiss Creed at the cost of $6,000 after growing annoyed that none of her fellow contestants seemed to care about the dwindling prize money.

But Sophie’s fairytale turned into a nightmare when Flavia and Imogen entered the villa later in the season. Creed’s wandering eye became all too apparent, as he turned his attention away from Sophie in favor of the new women. With her one-time relationship in shambles, Lana sent Sophie home before the finale.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4’s Sophie Stonehouse’s Instagram

Sophie’s Instagram has blown up since her appearance on Too Hot To Handle, and it’s easy to see why. Her feed is full of glam modeling shots and super-chic outfits. You can follow her @sophiestonehouse.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4’s Sophie Stonehouse’s Job

As she said on the show, Sophie is an event manager from Brighton, England. But since her THTH run, Sophie seems to be focusing more on the influencer life, securing representation by London-based talent agency All Star Entertainment Group.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4’s Sophie Stonehouse’s Age

Sophie is 22, born on March 9, 2000.