'Too Hot To Handle' Season 6 won't be hiding the show's premise from contestants for the first time.

Too Hot To Handle’s Next Season Has A Major Twist

Well, this is going to change some things.


For five seasons now, Too Hot To Handle has lured horned-up hotties to island resorts with the promise of wild parties and endless hookups, only to pull the rug from under them by imposing a strict chastity rule when they arrive. But Lana is changing up her deceptive ways for Season 6. For the first time ever, the new season of Too Hot To Handle will kick off with a new twist that changes the game, and it’s sure to have a huge impact on the cast that shows up at Lana’s resort.

In a surprising move, Season 6 of Too Hot To Handle isn’t going to hide the show’s identity to its contestants at all. That means, everyone who will appear on the new season knows exactly what they signed up for, which is guaranteed to attract a strategic new group of daters. The sudden clarity is an extension of another new element Season 6 is implementing: an open casting call. That’s right — anybody can apply for Season 6 of Too Hot To Handle by filling out the online casting form. In the past, contestants thought they were applying to be on fictional shows called things like Parties in Paradise or Love Overboard, so this will be the first time Too Hot To Handle fans can actually get on the show without being tricked.


As of the new format’s announcement on Aug. 14, Season 5 had only just ended a couple weeks earlier, and the casting process has obviously on just begun. So it’ll still be a while before fans can see how this shake-up will change things. But while you wait, here’s everything to know about the upcoming mayhem.

Too Hot To Handle Season 6 Predicted Cast

Because of the open casting call, Season 6’s cast is expected to be a lot more strategic than past groups. Since they’ll know all about Lana’s rules before entering, expect some totally new types of gameplay. And maybe, the rules could change this time around to reflect this new dynamic.

Too Hot To Handle Season 6 Predicted Release Date

Although past seasons of Too Hot To Handle have released in relatively quick succession, it might be a bit of a wait for Season 6. The open call casting means that the cast still hasn’t been selected, and filming isn’t likely to begin until the warmer months of Spring or Summer 2024. Given all that, Season 6 may not arrive until towards the end of 2024.