Tiny Detail On 'American Vandal' Proves The Culprit Was Right In Front Of Us The Whole Time


There's one question that's plaguing ever Netflix-subscribing person on the Internet right now: Who drew the d*cks on American Vandal? The new true crime spoof series seemed like it would just be a barrel of laughs at the start, but the mystery of who actually spray-painted giant d*cks on all of those cars actually grew to become a legitimately captivating and intricate puzzle. Unfortunately, the finale doesn't solve the mystery for the viewers, but fans have picked up on a tiny detail in American Vandal that may prove who the real vandal was once and for all: Christa's cast switches legs.

Spoiler alert: I'm going to have to talk about details throughout American Vandal to explain this detail, so don't read on unless you've finished the show already or just don't care about spoilers. Anyway, at the very end of the season, our investigators Peter and Sam have finally cleared Dylan's name but are still unable to discover the truth behind who drew the d*cks. Although they can't prove it, Peter and Sam do leave us with one very convincing theory, though, and as the show ends most viewers are pretty sure class president Christa Carlyle (G. Hannelius) had something to do with the incident. Not only do Peter and Sam discover she has a motive to target Coach Rafferty, but they also find out her previous alibi of being at CPR training at the time of the spray painting was fabricated. The only thing keeping her in the clear is the fact that Christa was wearing a cast on her leg the day of the incident, and wouldn't have been able to spray paint the d*cks fast enough. This is where the eagle-eyed fans come in.

A number of Redditors have pointed out something suspicious about Christa's leg injury: it looks like her cast actually switches legs. Obviously, if that is the case, then Christa is almost definitely lying about the injury and loses her final alibi.


Take a look at the photos yourself:


Although this photographic evidence seems pretty clear that Christa lied about her leg injury, other commenters aren't convinced. Some people questioned whether Christa would really be stupid or careless enough to make such a noticeable mistake with a fake cast. Others proposed the idea that the photo on the right could be flipped. That may be the case, but I think it's much more likely that the cast switch was meant as a sign of Christa's guilt.

This wouldn't be the only time that the show made a pretty obvious nod to Christa being the d*ck drawer. Look no further than her boyfriend and possible accomplice's name: Van Delorey. Notice anything suspicious about it? Say it out loud. Yep — as a number of viewers picked up on, Christa's BF is basically called out as the vandal in his very character name. Since Dylan and Van both have very similar builds and Alex insisted he saw Dylan tagging the cars in a hoodie, Alex may have very well just seen Van in the parking lot instead of Dylan.

In the end, it really does seem like Peter and Sam's final theory about Christa and Van working together to draw the d*cks probably is what actually happened. But of course, the investigators aren't able to get any solid evidence proving this theory, and since the moral of the show end up being that viewers should not make any assumptions about people without proof to back it up. And so, we are left without being able to point the finger at anyone for sure. But still... Christa looks super suspicious.