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TI Just Apologized Again For Those Awful, Sexist Comments About Women


TI is spending a lot of energy trying hard to convince us he doesn't actually think women are subpar humans who are less fitting of holding public office than the Loch Ness Monster (his words, not mine).

Earlier this week, audio leaked of a recent radio interview between hip-hop star TI and radio personality DJ Whoo Kid.

During the talk, Tip revealed he would never vote for Hillary Clinton, not because of her political reputation, email leaks, Benghazi or anything, but rather just because “women make rash decisions emotionally.”

He continued,

After the interview went viral, TI issued an apology on Twitter.

Three days later, TI is back to say he is sorry again for his words during the show, this time in a more long-form and personal video post uploaded to his Facebook page.

In the post, TI apologized for his words, writing it all off as a joke that was made in poor taste during “barbershop talk." At one point he said,

Hey, TI! If we can REALLY have it however we like, can we get actual action instead of constant stream of just apologies?