Sterling K. Brown and Lyric Ross as Randall and Deja in This Is Us

The This Is Us Season 6, Episode 3 Promo Outs Deja’s Big Secret

Talk about the worst driving lesson ever.

by Ani Bundel
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us has a lot of storylines to wrap up in only 18 episodes this season. That means a lot of crossing of the streams in storytelling, whether it be two potential lovers’ reunions in tandem or decisions that echo across the generations. The Jan. 18 episode, “Four Fathers,” seems to promise stories that cover the experience of fatherhood from multiple timelines, as the This Is Us Season 6, Episode 3 promo reminds viewers that in the Pearson family, fatherhood isn’t easy, no matter what age the kids are.

Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 6, Episode 2 follow. For much of Episode 2, “One Giant Leap,” fans focused on Nicky and his extraordinarily awkward reunion with Sally. It’s not that Deja and Malik’s weekend wasn’t sweet and lovely as they spent the night together for the first time, but Sally was a mystery to fans. Learning about her life — and confirming she’s not the woman Nicky eventually marries — meant answering one of the show’s big questions of the season.

But while Nicky heads home to fall in love with a character fans haven’t gotten to know yet, the fallout over Deja’s trip to Boston will be epic. You thought your driving lessons were stressful? Check out how bad this one gets.

Episode 3 is titled “Four Fathers.” The synopsis is pretty straightforward: “Jack, Randall, Kevin, and Toby struggle to connect with their children.”

But of course, the moment everyone is looking forward to is that absolutely horrendous reveal as Deja’s phone reads Malik’s text aloud in the car with Randall present. (This is why talk-to-text in the should be outlawed.) Deja basically just repeated the same mistake she made years ago with Malik, when she snuck off to hang out with him without telling her family. Chances are, Randall and Beth are going to react even worse than last time. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming episode, co-executive producer Kevin Falls said, “Buckle up — because it’s almost literal.”

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