Griffin Dunne as Nicky in This Is Us Season 5

It Looks Like Someone From Nicky's Past Will Return On This Is Us

Where is Sally Brooks now?

by Ani Bundel
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us recently announced that Season 6 will be the show’s final run of episodes, but for now, there’s still plenty of the Pearson story left to cover. Even as Kevin and Madison head down the aisle in the Season 5 finale, there are more romances and divorces to play out over the show’s final season. For example, fans know why Kevin is wearing a wedding ring in future flash-forward scenes. But what about Nicky, who also appears to have marriage in his future? With that question in mind, plus a detail from Episode 15, fans are wondering: will Nicky and Sally reunite on This Is Us?

Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 5, Episode 15 follow. Neither Kevin’s nor Madison’s bachelor/bachelorette parties were precisely traditional. Madison did have a naked model and alcohol, but in the staidest format possible. (She also got to explain to Rebecca the meaning of “ghosted,” an episode highlight.) But Kevin’s party straight-up devolved into a group therapy session, which is the most Pearson thing it could possibly have done.

On the one hand, group therapy was what everyone needed, especially Kevin, who had the classic case of cold feet. But Toby hadn’t been doing well with his ongoing unemployment crisis; Miguel was a wreck over leaving Rebecca alone. And then there was Nicky, who had already needled Kevin into an outburst earlier in the evening.

(Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Nicky had been particularly bothered by watching Jerry Maguire and made a profoundly unkind comparison of Kevin to Jerry. He claimed Kevin was "Jerry 2.0," only marrying Madison because she had his kids, not because he loved her. The comparison got under Kevin's skin. After all, he loved that movie, and he was a little afraid it was true.

But Nicky admitted this wasn't about Kevin. Any romantic movie upset him because it reminded him that his great romance with Sally had ended in complete collapse. Jack had gone after his girl, followed her to California, and wound up with a beautiful family. Nicky had chickened out and wound up living his life alone.

But perhaps it's not too late. As Miguel said, some couples' love stories are written in the stars, but our own actions write just as many. Left alone downstairs, Nicky started googling "Sally Brooks," wondering if he might find out what happened to her after she disappeared all those years ago.

So, will Nicky get Sally back into his life? Could their grand romance return? It probably won't happen in time for Kevin's wedding in the Season 5 finale, but there's still all of This Is Us Season 6 to go.