Justin Hartley as Kevin, Mandy Moore as Rebecca in This Is Us

The New This Is Us Promo Shows Kevin With "The One"

The night before the wedding is somehow even more interesting than the wedding itself.

by Ani Bundel
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Fans have been waiting to see Kate and Phillip’s love story since the This Is Us Season 5 revealed their wedding day taking place in 2026. But they’ve been waiting even longer to see Kate’s brother Kevin find someone to settle down with. The day of Kate’s wedding might be the technical milestone in the Pearson family, but it’s the night before when the juicy stuff really went down. The This Is Us Season 6, Episode 14 promo promises to deliver all the dirt.

Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 6, Episode 13 follow. It’s probably a good thing that Kevin had his drama happen 24 hours before his sister got married; Kate and Phillip’s wedding day was already stressful enough. For the first time, all three siblings had to face the fact that Rebecca’s cognitive abilities were going downhill, fast. For Randall, who’d been out on the East Coast and swamped with his first year as Pennsylvania Senator , it was a shock to learn his mother no longer wholly recognized reality. Even worse, the stress of caretaking had taken its toll on Miguel’s health as well.

With all that going on, The Mysterious Affair of Kevin Pearson had to take a backseat. Thankfully though, the show isn’t leaving the future anytime soon. The April 26 episode promises to backtrack 24 hours and set Kevin on the road to his own second wedding.

This Is Us Season 6, Episode 14 is titled “The Night Before The Wedding,” and like Episode 13, “The Day of the Wedding,” the synopsis is pretty straightforward: “The night before Kate’s wedding, Kevin’s love life takes an unexpected turn.”

Based on the detective work by the mimosa-sipping team of Madison and Beth, Bridesmaid Investigators, fans know there are three possibilities for who Kevin is about to wind up with: his date, longtime friend-with-benefits Cassidy; his ex-wife, Sophie; or the wedding singer, Arielle.

According to executive story editor Jon Dorsey, who wrote “The Day of the Wedding,” all three are excellent possibilities. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he promised “they are all potential suitors.”

Dorsey also said, “Obviously, fans will understand why in terms of Sophie and Cassidy and hopefully, they'll understand why Arielle is a potential suitor who could be perfect for Kevin as well.” But he also noted, “Some people will be happy, and some people might not be happy. We'll see.”

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