Mandy Moore Addresses Crazy 'This Is Us' Fan Theory About Jack’s Death

by Tim McGovern

Anyone who has been watching "This Is Us" knows their overworked tear ducts are running out of tears. Personally, I had to buy some off eBay.

Times are just that tough.

Sure, "This Is Us" is not as tragic as "Game of Thrones," which will take your favorite characters and murder them right in front of your eyes, but it's an emotional roller coaster.

When asked to describe the words viewers will be left with after the season one finale, Mandy Moore told E! News,

Pain, grief. I think the show is ultimately hopeful, and I feel like it leaves on that note as well, in the finale.

Speaking of the finale, the upcoming episode titled "Moonshadow" will be chock-full of Jack and Rebecca, portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, respectively.

In case you need catching up to speed, Jack went off to reconcile with Rebecca by driving in his car, drunk.

Meanwhile, in the present, Kate admits she feels culpable for Jack's death. Naturally, as a result, every "This Is Us" fan believes Kate was the one who tried convincing Jack to go after Rebecca.

However, there's another fan theory that Mandy has officially debunked.

So, if you thought Miguel and Rebecca conspired to murder Jack, sorry. This is false.

Mandy said,

Oh my God. No way. People are bananas. That is crazy.

While we might not yet discover the true cause of Jack's death, the season one finale of "This Is Us" will hopefully shed a little more light on that mystery on Tuesday, March 14 on NBC at 9 pm.

Crying fountains over "This Is Us?" Well, it turns out your weeping sessions might actually be healthy for you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to be healthy and work out... by watching five episode of "This Is Us" and blubbering uncontrollably.

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