Every '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 Theory, Ranked Best To Worst


"13 Reasons Why" fans have a lot to look forward to now that a second season pickup for the Netflix breakout is sounding more and more likely.

Though another season still hasn't been officially confirmed, we know the actors are making room in their schedules for it and the writers' room is already penning new episodes, so it's only a matter of time.

But of course, it's impossible to just sit around and wait to find out what happens to Clay, Alex, Justin and the rest of the Liberty High gang, so fans are churning out a bunch of theories about what will happen in Season 2. And as with most fan theories, some are a lot more believable than others.

We've rounded up all those season two fan theories buzzing around the Internet, and now it's time to break them all down and see which ones will probably turn out to be true, and which ones are just way too crazy.

1. Hannah's story is over.


I think we've all pretty much accepted Season 2 will no longer star Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker.

Sure, the tapes she left behind will still likely be a focal point of the series, but given that we've heard all the tapes and seen Hannah's story played out in Season 1, we probably won't be seeing her in Season 2.

2. Tyler will plan a school shooting.

As far as a central storyline for Season 2 goes, it seems like the most plausible theory involves photographer/stalker Tyler and his growing gun collection. At the end of season one, we saw Tyler buying a gun and then adding it to a chest full of firearms in his room.

We also saw Tyler stare pretty intently at individual photos of the rest of the main cast, who have been pushing him away throughout the season. A number of fans have connected the dots and speculated he's planning a school shooting, which actually seems like a plausible theory.

3. Alex will be the central character of the season.


With Hannah Baker's story concluded, the Season 1 finale seems to set up Alex Standall as the new central character for a potential second season. If Alex doesn't survive the suicide attempt that put him in the hospital in critical condition in the finale, the series could continue its story structure of a slain teen detailing the events leading up to his suicide.

Or, Alex could miraculously survive his suicide attempt and step into a larger role for Season 2. After all, they did say he was in critical condition, not dead, and since Alex has become a fan favorite, I could totally see the writers finding some way to make him survive the near-death experience.

4. Mr. Porter will destroy Bryce's confession.


Remember how Clay Jensen recorded Bryce's confession to raping Hannah on side B of Hannah's final tape? It's the smoking bullet that could actually get some justice for Hannah and send Bryce to prison. But the fact that side A of that tape contained Hannah's indictment of Mr. Porter could be a problem.

Now that Mr. Porter is in possession of the tapes, some fans are worried he'll destroy the tape in which Hannah details his incompetence as a counselor, and thereby also destroy Bryce's confession.

But it actually wouldn't matter if Mr. Porter destroyed the tape or not, since we know Tony has a backup set and Hannah's parents have a copy of all the recordings as well.

5. Justin will shoot Bryce.


Now we're getting into some of the more farfetched theories, which most likely won't come to fruition in a potential second season. But hey, they're fun to think about.

One popular theory is Justin is going to get revenge on Bryce in a more deadly sense than the rest of the characters. At the end of season one, Justin finally turns his back on Bryce after fully coming to terms with the fact his friend is a serial rapist.

Justin walks away from Bryce and tells him he probably won't be seeing him ever again. After that, we see Justin leaving his abusive home with a gun. Some fans are linking those two events and theorizing Justin intends to use the gun on Bryce.

6. Clay will realize Tony is actually a guardian angel.


OK, this is one of the crazier ones, but it is kind of weird how Tony always seems to just appear out of thin air whenever Clay needs some help or moral guidance. And the fact his whole role in the show is just to deliver the tapes to the next listener in order to carry out Hannah's final wish is pretty angel-y.

But since we do see Tony has a life of his own, with family and boyfriends, it's most likely Tony is just a good guy who looks out for his friends, and not an other-worldly being sent down to Earth.

7. We'll discover Tyler or Justin shot Alex and made it look like a suicide attempt.


This one is probably the most popular fan theory to come out of the first season, but it's also been pretty clearly debunked in the series. After seeing both Tyler and Justin with guns in the final episodes, fans began to wonder if one of them actually shot Alex and then got away quick enough for the hospital to think it was a suicide attempt.

Fans point to the scene where Tyler removes Alex's photo from his wall after the news as some proof, but it's more likely he's removing Alex's picture (while remembering the moment Alex defended him to his bully Montgomery) to denote he won't target Alex in his school shooting.

Also, it seems pretty clear the show had been setting up Alex as suicidal for a long time before the finale. We see him undergo violent mood swings, quit his beloved jazz band, talk constantly about death and fall listlessly into Bryce's pool. There's pretty much no denying that the attempt on Alex's life was done by Alex himself.