This ‘13 Reasons Why’ Theory About Tony Seems Crazy, But Makes So Much Sense

by Dylan Kickham

This post contains spoilers for Netflix's "13 Reasons Why."

If you've finished Netflix's super-buzzy new show "13 Reasons Why," then you probably have some questions.

Understandably, most of them probably have to do with that finale, like what's Mr. Porter going to do with Hannah's tapes? Is Bryce going to pay for his actions? And is Alex going to survive!?

But my biggest question about the series isn't about a shocking event in the finale, but about one character in general: What the HELL is up with Tony!?

The tattoo-covered, wisdom-spewing greaser who looks like he's 30 years old, but somehow is still in high school, seems sooo out of place from the rest of the characters in the show.


While all the other teenagers are struggling to cope with Hannah's suicide and their involvement in it, Tony seems to be the only person not involved in any of the drama. He also serves as a moral compass to the others, Clay in particular.

Not exactly what you'd call a "normal teen," huh?

Honestly, by the time I was halfway through the series, I assumed Tony was some sort of guardian angel. And apparently, a bunch of other people shared my thoughts.

A compilation of fan theories by E! News included the assumption I held while watching the show: Tony isn't real.


Well, this theory says he's a ghost, but it's close enough to my angel theory.

It just helps explains so much about his character when you imagine he's some sort of guardian angel for Hannah who's come down to carry out her dying wish (he's the one in charge of her tapes, passing them off to each subject and making sure they've listened to them).

Tony also just seems to pop up out of thin air whenever Clay is struggling. You've got to admit, that scene where he makes Clay climb that cliffside felt weirdly otherworldly.

There are some problems with this theory, though, like when we see Tony and his brothers beating up a guy at the docks in one of the earlier episodes... not too angelic.

And there's also the fact Tony dated Ryan in the past and now Brad in the present — do angels, like, date humans?

So maybe Tony is just a really nice guy who's wise well beyond his years, but I don't know, I still get a weird, angelic vibe from him.