This Theory About Evan Peters' 'AHS: Cult' Character Is So Trippy


After months of buildup, we're finally only a week away from the mysterious new season of American Horror Story, and hardcore fans are starting to put together some really convincing theories about the new main characters. We already know the new season will be subtitled Cult and themed around some creepy-looking clowns, and that Evan Peters' character of Kai Anderson will be the lead. And some new info about Kai is leading fans to form a pretty wild theory about the mysterious character. This American Horror Story: Cult theory about Evan Peters' character would be so crazy if it turned out to be true.

Speculation around Evan Peters' character of Kai exploded after Ryan Murphy revealed Peters would be portraying multiple famous cult leaders in the new season, including Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Andy Warhol, and David Koresh. Since Peters had already been announced to play a character named Kai Anderson, fans began to theorize. One Redditor came up with a pretty convincing theory about how the show may have Peters playing all these different roles. The theory is, Peters will actually be playing Kai the whole time, but Kai may have a mental disorder that makes him believe he's actually all of these famous cult leaders. So when we see Peters dressed up as Charles Manson or Andy Warhol, it's actually just Kai channeling one of his multiple personalities. Check out the full theory for yourself below.


This explanation would also solve the weird time issues — the new season was confirmed to be set directly after the 2016 election, but many of the cult leaders Ryan Murphy said Peters would be playing had been long dead by that point. It seems totally possible that Kai Anderson either has dissociative identity disorder or maybe is addicted to powerful hallucinogenic drugs, and that's how he "becomes" Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and more famous cult leaders.

We'll have to see if this proves to be true when the new season premieres next week. American Horror Story: Cult will premiere on September 5.