This Theory Proves Cersei Lannister Will Be The Big Next 'GOT' Character To Die


We're just about to reach the Season 7 finale for Game of Thrones, and as all fans of the show know, a pivotal finale means some surprising character deaths. Of course, all the finale speculation is circling around which main player we'll be losing before heading into the eighth and final season, and most fans are looking at Westeros' current reigning queen. A popular theory among Game of Thrones fans says Cersei will die in this Sunday's finale, and it's all because of her recently revealed pregnancy.

We actually haven't seen Cersei doing too much in this season of Game of Thrones — while everyone else is mobilizing either against her or that horde of ice zombies in the north, Cersei's pretty much just been chilling in her castle looking at her giant floor map of Westeros and banging her brother Jaime. But we did get a big, surprising reveal from Cersei in Episode 5, when she dropped the bombshell news to Jaime that she was pregnant. This is Cersei's fourth child with her brother Jaime, and she promised it would be the first one where the incestuous couple openly act as the legitimate parents.

But this new little Lannister may be just as ruthless as his or her famous family. A number of Game of Thrones fans are starting to theorize Cersei's pregnancy may double as her death sentence. It all goes back to the show's famous Valonqar prophecy, when a witch told young Cersei she would be killed at the hands of the "Valonqar," a High Valerian word translated to "little brother." Of course, the two major suspects up until now have been Cersei's two younger brothers Tyrion and Jaime, but one Redditor made a convincing case that Cersei's unborn son may be the Valonqar (being that he's the little brother to Cersei and Jaime's three dead children), and wind up killing Cersei in childbirth. Check out the full theory below.


We all know how much Game of Thrones like to throw its viewers for a loop, so this might be a good way the show could subvert the expected results of the long-predicted Valonqar prophecy. We'll have to see if it actually plays out this way in the finale on Sunday.