This Theory About Cersei’s Big 'GOT' Reveal Makes Her More Dangerous Than Ever

by Ani Bundel

This week's episode of Game of Thrones gave us a brand new twist on the Lannister plot line. Whereas we thought that Dany and Cersei were queens fighting for the throne with no heirs to leave it to, the game just changed. Cersei is now pregnant, and after losing her first three children to prophecy, she's got another chance at the one thing she loves: children. But will Cersei's pregnancy on Game of Thrones make her more dangerous than ever?

One thing we all know about Cersei Lannister: She loves her children. It's the thing everyone tells us about her, it's the thing that drove her for the first six seasons of the show -- first to get Joffrey on the throne, then to save Myrcella, then to keep Tommen close to her even as he slipped through her fingers. Gold will be their crowns and gold would be their shrouds. That's what the prophecy said, and that's what happened. When Tommen died at the end of Season 6, Cersei was a woman who was dead inside, wearing nothing but black on her body, and nothing but hatred in her eyes.

And now she's got a second chance.  This baby, this son or daughter, will be her everything.


And that just made her way more dangerous than before.

It was one thing when Cersei had nothing to live for but her pride -- not that she wouldn't die rather than give up -- but it's something else entirely now that she has to conquer the world to give it to her only living child.


Moreover, she has to live now in a way she didn't before. Before, she could have blown King's Landing up -- I mean more than she has already. She could die in a wildfire horror that took out the entire city and boil her skin away rather than let Dany take it.

But now that's off the table. She needs King's Landing to stay unburnt. And she needs to survive. For her child. And she needs Jaime to stay with her. Before, if he died in a hail of dragon flame, it would have been tragic, she would have stood over his body like she had so many times before with her family.

But now he's the father of her baby. He's a necessary person to stay with her. And that means if Dany and company attempt to convince him to go north and fight grumkins and snarks along with them, she has to put a stop to it, in any way she can.


It's also going to make her way more paranoid than she was before. This was a baby who was not mentioned in the prophecy. This was one that they can't take away from her. You think Tommen had it bad? This one will be lucky if she lets it walk across the room without her standing over it. The worst kind of helicopter parent imaginable. It's going to be a nightmare.

Pity this child.