Bloody Hell
The 'You' Season 4, Part 2 trailer reveals Love Quinn will return.

You's Season 4, Part 2 Trailer Brings Back A Fan-Fave — & So Many Theories

What does it mean?


Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Part 1 of You Season 4. If you thought Rhys was bad, get ready for another killer reveal in Part 2 of You Season 4. Only this time, it’s a very familiar face. Somehow, some way, Love Quinn is back. At the very end of the Part 2 trailer that dropped on Feb. 15, Joe walks into a room and sees his ex-wife sitting on a chair. While fans have longed for Love’s return, the scene doesn’t add up: She definitively died in the Season 3 finale. But there are some theories that could explain how Love could return in You Season 4.

It’s hard to imagine Love survived her home exploding in Madre Linda. At the end of You’s third season, Joe injected her with enough aconite to kill her, and just to make extra-sure his wife wouldn’t survive, he blew up their home with her body either already dead or fully paralyzed in the kitchen. In his ending voiceover, Joe stated that the police found enough “charred remains” to confirm Love’s death.

So then, how the hell is she in the latest trailer for Season 4, Part 2? At the end of the preview for this season’s final five episodes, Love casually greets her shocked ex-husband while sitting in what looks to be yet another of Joe’s infamous glass cages. Or could this be Rhys’ cage? There’s so much to unpack. Let’s break down what might be going on here.

1. Love is a hallucination.

The most likely scenario is the one You has executed a few times before: Joe is merely imagining Love. In the same way Joe had visions during an acid trip in Season 2, and Love was briefly reunited with her dead brother Forty while drunk in Season 3, You is likely keeping this hallucinogenic tradition going for a bit of final closure between Joe and Love. Adding to this theory, it appears the cage Love is in is inspired by Mooney’s bookstore, a place close to Joe’s heart that could color his unconscious.

2. Love is alive, and was captured by Rhys.

If Joe isn’t hallucinating, then it looks like Rhys may be the one who locked Love in a cage of his own. It couldn’t have been Joe, since he looked surprised to see her (which wouldn’t be the case if he was the one who locked her up). Plus, Love is seen reading Rhys’ book A Good Man in a Cruel World.


3. Love is Rhys.

Perhaps this is a truly unhinged combination of those first two theories. There’s already a popular fan theory that Joe has been imagining Rhys, that the author is really an alter-ego Joe created to blame his murders on. Could that alter-ego morph into Love as Joe falls further down the rabbit hole? Weirder things have happened on this show.

4. This is Love’s triplet.

This could also be a classic soap opera twist in which a previously unmentioned identical twin (or, in this case, triplet) could reveal themselves in a revenge scheme. It doesn’t seem very likely, since Love was basically obsessed with her twin brother Forty and probably wouldn’t have been anle to hide a secret triplet. But You has delved into ridiculous soapy elements before, so you really can’t rule anything out.

Find out the truth about Love’s reappearance when Part 2 of You Season 4 drops on Netflix on March 9.