What do Love and Forty Quinn's names mean in Season 2 of 'You' on Netflix?

This Explanation About The Weird Names In 'You' Season 2 Clears Things Up


If you are one of the many who already watched You Season 2 on Netflix, or if you've just heard people talking all about some of the show's characters, you probably noticed a few of the season's newcomers have some interesting names. Sure, Peach Salinger was pretty unconventional in Season 1, but somehow, the new episodes surpass that. Specifically, Joe's newest infatuation and her twin brother, who are both staples in the new installment of the series, have arguably the most out-there names of all. But what do Love and Forty's names actually mean in You Season 2? Well, the answer is actually quite simple.

Full of wellness retreats, astrology enthusiasts, and shamans, Joe's new home of Los Angeles is a unique place, so it's not shocking it is also the birthplace of many interesting names. Of course, fans can't miss the irony of Love's name being, well, the one thing Joe is apparently willing to do anything for. But her and her brother's names are actually rooted in something totally unrelated to Joe's stalking ways: the scoring system for tennis.

For those who need a refresher, or an introduction, to the rules of tennis, here is a handy breakdown:


Each tennis match typically consists of two to three sets, and to win a set, you must win at least six games (and you must win by two). So, first you win six games, that's one set. Then win another six games, that's a second set. Players must win best-of-three sets (or best-of-five sets, if they're playing that high) to win a match.

Scoring a game of tennis is also unique, and that's where You's new sibling duo comes into play. In tennis, points don't go up by one unit each time. Check out the full breakdown from the United States Tennis Association:

  • 0 points = Love
  • 1 point = 15
  • 2 points = 30
  • 3 points = 40
  • Tied score = All
  • 40-40 = Deuce

According to Time, love "has been used since the 1700s to mean 'nothing' and is also used in a variety of other games, from racket sports to cards." The score of 40 was likely birthed as a short version of 45 because it sounded clearer on the courts, which explains why the points don't go up in 15-unit increments steadily.

Although viewers never see the Quinn family on the tennis courts in You Season 2, it's safe to assume these twins' parents had a passion for the sport when they named their children. With nearly year-round tennis weather in LA, would could blame them?

To watch the lives of Love and Forty unfold, check out You Season 2 on Netflix now.