Is 'Teen Wolf' Definitely Over After Season 6? Here's What We Know


After six seasons worth of heart-pounding adventure, steamy romance, and more supernatural horrors than anyone could keep track of, Teen Wolf is about to give fans one last howl at the moon before disappearing. Though the upcoming Season 6 finale of supernatural teen drama is doubling as the series finale, Teen Wolf fans have hope that the show continues on in some form in the future. So could Teen Wolf Season 7 happen? Let's get into it.

Given how much the show is ramping up its finale event — which will air on Sept. 24 — it seems pretty clear that it definitely will be going away for a long time, but MTV may have plans to bring back its hit series even after the big farewell. For right now, though, MTV is doing it up big for the series finale, which definitely seems to suggest that the series Teen Wolf fans have followed for the last six years will be done. The show's stars, Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien, told Entertainment Weekly that filming the finale was all about saying goodbye to their characters (heroic werewolf Scott McCall and loyal bestie Stiles Stilinski, respectively). In fact, Posey said he felt like the cast had already said goodbye to their characters even before the big finale:

I feel like we kind of said goodbye to the characters a little while ago and so the last day was really just for us and was really nostalgic.

The sentiment makes sense, given how the show has turned its cast of once-unknown actors into beloved heartthrobs as well as major players in the film and TV industry. Now, Tyler Posey is preparing to begin his recurring role on Jane the Virgin, and Dylan O'Brien has made the jump to movies by helming the Maze Runner franchise and starring in the recent action flick American Assassin. It seems clear the actors are ready to start focusing on other projects and building their careers outside of Teen Wolf.

That may sound like bad news for Teen Wolf fans, but even though Scott, Stiles, and the rest of the pack may be leaving Beacon Hills, MTV may not be ready to say goodbye to the teen horror franchise just yet. Back in July, network president Chris McCarthy told The Hollywood Reporter that he's working with Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis to continue making projects within the Teen Wolf franchise, which sure makes it sounds like a spinoff series is in the works.

These characters and these stories have hit a peak. We are talking with Jeff about how do we actually keep that franchise alive. And the beauty of the evolution of media is you can see the series going on through a series of podcasts and then see a resurrection of a new class in a couple years.

Yep — so we may be saying goodbye to Teen Wolf on Sept. 24, but a new series may be on its way to get fans of the franchise hooked all over again soon enough. The big difference will just be that it'll center on a whole new cast of characters. I guess it will be a bittersweet series finale: it will be upsetting to see Stiles, Scott, Derek, Lydia, and the rest of the pack leave for good, but it also does feel like the show has run its course, and the ending will make way for some exciting, fresh blood to revitalize the paranormal mysteries of Beacon Hills in years to come. And who knows — maybe some members of the original cast will stop by from time to time in any upcoming spinoffs, so it's not really goodbye.