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Tyler Posey On Teen Wolf's Final Season: "I Was Crying"

MTV's Teen Wolf is coming to an end and, with that, the cast of the show is doing their last round to promote the final season. This isn't lost on the show's main star, Tyler Posey, who has played Scott McCall since 2011.

Posey joined cast members and crew at Comic Con San Diego to talk about the last Teen Wolf season, drop a new trailer, and really explain how much this show has impacted him over the years.

At press roundtables on Friday, July 21, I got to ask Posey just how much the show meant to him. He put it all out there, saying,

It's hard to explain what it means to me. It's like a loved one, it really is. It's something that I love a lot and I really view it as a member of my life. It's like a child that I raised. It's odd -- I've never felt that with anything before. I feel so connected to it.

Posey went on to explain how at last year's Comic Con, he watched a video of all of the Teen Wolf promos over the years. He said,

I was there for every single one of [the promos] and it really, like, punched me in the gut. I was like 'Oh my God.' I was crying... and that was the first time I really felt like, 'I'm losing this show.'

Posey, who was only 19 when the show first aired, said he feels like he's grown up with the Teen Wolf cast.

The show has just changed my life in so many ways, in the best ways possible. I've gone through the hardest sh*t on the show and I've met my best friends on the show. This show has given me opportunities that are going to help me in my career and in my life, and I owe everything… I owe a lot to this show.

The final season of Teen Wolf begins Sunday, July 30 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.