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Who Played “Cupid” For Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce? 6 Theories

Cupid, reveal yourself!

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Swifties finally have some BTS insight into how Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce started dating. In a Nov. 20 interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kelce credited an unnamed “Cupid” with setting him up with the singer — and there are already some theories about who that unnamed helper might be.

“There were definitely people she knew that knew who I was, in her corner [who said]: ‘Yo! Did you know he was coming?’ I had somebody playing Cupid,” he told WSJ. Apparently, that fun fact came straight from Swift herself. “She told me exactly what was going on and how I got lucky enough to get her to reach out,” the Chiefs player said.

Kelce hasn’t revealed any more details — at least, not yet — but that hasn’t stopped fans from investigating the mystery for themselves. Here are six potential identities of Swift and Kelce’s “Cupid,” so you can direct your personalized thank-you notes accordingly.

Danny Frye III

Swift’s second cousin, dirt track racer Danny Frye III, suggested that he was the one to set up the couple. "It's been an interesting month or so," he told FloRacing in a video interview posted on Jan. 13. "I’ve been going to a few Chiefs games... been having, you know, made a love connection between her and Travis Kelce."

"Funny thing is a lot of people have been trying to figure out who I am lately,” he added, seemingly referring to a clip of Swift and him hugging at the Dec. 10 Chiefs game.

Andy Reid

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Andy Reid has been taking credit for Swift and Kelce’s relationship since September. In a press conference after the singer attended her first Chiefs game on Sept. 24, he joked, “I set them up.”

On Sept. 27, Kelce acknowledged his coach’s comments. “You got Coach Reid telling everybody he’s Cupid and he’s been manifesting this the whole time,” he said on the New Heights podcast.

Apparently, Reid has a long-standing connection to the Swift family. He previously coached the Philadelphia Eagles, Swift’s dad’s favorite NFL team. “I knew her from Philadelphia. You know, her dad is a big NFL fan, so I had met her when she was really young and her dad,” Reid said on the OutKick podcast in October. “So you know, I joked about setting Kelce up, but you know, I'm just saying, you know.”

One fan on TikTok wrote, “Bet those cupids are Andy Reid and Scott Swift since they are friends.”

Jason Sudeikis

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Jason Sudeikis is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan, and he actually traveled to Arrowhead Stadium to see the Eras Tour over the summer. “I was thankful to Taylor, just hanging out, coming to do two nights of shows here,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “All my friends, people with kids, people without kids, just had a blast. And she was like, ‘Oh, it was an amazing run.'”

Apparently, the Ted Lasso star was in the audience during the same weekend of shows as Kelce — and only one week later, Sudeikis and Swift were photographed together playing Uno. Though Sudeikis didn’t admit to setting up the couple, he seemed on board for their relationship. “I don’t blame her for wanting to hang out here more, I don’t blame her for wanting to hang out with Travis. He’s a good egg,” he told THR.

The Saunders Brothers

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The Kelce brothers have been getting a lot of attention — but another pair of brothers might be able to take credit for Swift and Kelce’s ‘ship. On Oct. 16, a fan tweeted about Swift’s Eras Tour backup dancer Kam Saunders, whose brother, Khalen Saunders, played with Kelce on the Chiefs.

A few fans think the Saunders brothers could have been the mysterious “Cupid” that Kelce referenced. “How much u wanna bet this is how she got travis’ number,” one person guessed on Twitter.

Miles & Keleigh Teller

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Sudeikis isn’t the only actor who could have connected Swift and Kelce. Miles Teller is friends with both halves of Trayvis. In July 2022, Kelce and Miles golfed together, and both of them tweeted about their outing. “Back at it like we never left!!” Kelce wrote at the time, retweeting Miles’ photo of the group’s golf day.

Miles is also tied to Swift. Per E!, Swift sent Miles and his wife, Keleigh Teller, flowers after their 2019 wedding to congratulate the newlyweds. Both Tellers also acted in Swift’s “I Bet You Think About Me” music video, which she released in 2021 along with Red (Taylor’s Version). The Tellers went to the Eras Tour in May 2023, too — and Keleigh accompanied Swift to the studio in NYC in October 2023.

Keleigh also seems to have a connection to Kylie Kelce, Jason Kelce’s wife and Travis’ sister-in-law. Keleigh watched the Eagles game on Nov. 20, posting an IG story of her television during their match against Kansas City. She tagged Kylie in the post, writing, “GO BIRDS BABY.” (Miles is from the Philadelphia area and a huge Philly sports fan.) Kylie reposted it, adding, “fly eagles fly.” A friendship between Kylie and Keleigh could hint at the Tellers being the true masterminds behind Trayvis.

Rob McElhenney & Ryan Reynolds

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On Nov. 29, Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia made an appearance on Kelce’s New Heights podcast to discuss a bidding war for a vintage Eagles jacket (with proceeds going to the Eagles Autism Foundation).

McElhenney doesn’t just have a connection to the Kelces, though. He co-owns the English football team Wrexham A.F.C. with Swift’s longtime friend Ryan Reynolds, who also happened to attend the Chiefs-Jets game with the singer on Oct. 1. “Hello! Wrexham soccer club, this guy = Ryan Reynolds setting Taylor & Travis up!!!” one fan commented on a TikTok from the podcast.

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