Taylor Swift Is More American Than You

by Talia Koren

Taylor Swift is basically the queen of Fourth of July parties. She always has an entourage of the coolest famous people for her awesome Independence Day activities.

But let's just talk about her awesomely patriotic outfits for a second. She's always perfectly coordinated and the girl rocks red, white and blue like no one else. She was born to wear those colors.

I'm curious to know how far in advance she thinks about her outfits, because whenever I get dressed on the Fourth of July, I can't seem to get red, white and blue in my outfit.

Look, I'm not nearly as talented as her. Or maybe I just lack the planning skills.

Either way, year after year, T-Swift's Fourth of July looks are on point.

This year, she's rocking a Forever 21 red bikini with the word "America" across her chest.

Yup, it's sold out already.

We'll never forget this adorable shot from last year where she's wearing another fantastic bikini.


Look at that coordination.

She even matches the cake.

Love this classic polka-dot T-shirt.

Here she is in 2014 rocking stripes for the U.S.

This dress is cuter than the flag cake, for sure.

She just crushes it every year. Taylor, we salute you.