Taylor Swift Wrote The Sweetest Message For Lena Dunham's Birthday


Wait a second, Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift are, like, good friends!?

Man, Taylor Swift's squad is far bigger than I imagined. Like, talk about #SquadGoals.

I come to this realization after seeing the message Swift posted for Dunham, the "Girls" creator, writer and star, on Instagram this Friday. It was Dunham's 30th birthday, so the 1989 singer decided to leave a really sweet message and post a composite of photos featuring the two.

Swift wrote in the caption,

One of my favorite people in the world turns 30 today and I can't help but think about how different my life would've been without our long talks, arts and crafts projects, and running-into-each-others'-arms-hugs. Thanks for being you, Lena. Everyone who knows you is better because of it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @lenadunham.

What kind things to say about a friend on her birthday!

Swift is a few years younger at 26, so I wonder how she and Dunham met and became friends. What kinds of arts and crafts do they do together, and what do their long talks entail? I'm not a mind reader, but my gut tells me they talk about women, or men, or the fact they're both writers who write about women and men. Yep, I'm going to assume I nailed it.

Anyway, happy birthday, Lena! Everyone who watches you is better because of it!