26 Times We Wished We Were Part Of Taylor Swift's Ultimate Squad (Photos)

Happy December 13, everyone, or as we like to call it, National Taylor Swift Day.

Today, Swift turns 26, a milestone that’s hard to believe considering the “Wildest Dreams” singer was just 17 years old when her first hit, “Teardrops On My Guitar,” hit the top 40 charts.

In honor of this special day, we’ve rounded up 26 reasons we’d love to be part of Swift’s superstar squad.

It might not be quite as good as being the singer herself, but hey: Swift's crew has it made. From far-flung vacations to blowout bashes, Swift treats those in her close circle right. It's one of the (many) reasons we love her.

So in honor of 26 years of T Swift, here are 26 times we wished we rolled with her crew:

1. The time she took the entire "1989" tour crew on vacation

2. The time she hung out with Blake Lively and kangaroos in Australia

3. The time Tay dressed up as Olaf to sing "Let It Go" with Idina Menzel

4. The time Dwyane Wade gifted her a jersey

5. The time Taylor and Wiz Khalifa looked gangster AF before performing together

6. The time she goofed off with Cara and Selena

7. The time Justin Timberlake joined her on stage and it was everything

8. When she dale-d with Pitbull...

9. ...and lived la vida loca with Ricky.

10. The time she twinned with Ellie Goulding

11. The time she casually hung out with Uzo Aduba and Mary J. Blige

12. The time she jammed with Jagger

13. The time she celebrated her Emmy win with her crew

14. The time she became BFFs with Kanye

15. The time she partied with her girls on the red carpet

16. The time she brought Ellen on stage

17. The time she reminded us all she's a real girl's girl

18. The time she wished a happy birthday to Cara...

19. ...and Karlie

20. The time she was the best godmother ever

21. The time she flew her crew to Rhode Island for Independence Day festivities

22. The time she was the CUTEST with Calvin Harris

23. The time she partied with her pals in London

24. The time she just partied

25. The time she praised her girl's graduation

26. And when her 25th birthday was everything